Sunday, December 11, 2016


Stanford Feels the Burns
Excerpt: I’ve been waiting for each aspect of American life to fall to the level of stupid. Music made it with Rap. History made it with Howard Zinn. Television started pretty much at stupid and, with some exceptions, stayed there. Clothing leads in many categories as it advances to body paint replacing women’s pants. America leads the world in most stupid categories, but are trailing Canada when it comes to physical relationships. Our neighbor to the north recently gave the green light for people to have sex with animals if no actual penetration is accomplished. It appears that you may sniff and lick your dog’s butt for example, and commit other crimes against nature I was too repulsed to read about. (Phil Jennings does a nice job on expressing his feelings, and doesn't hold back about the amazing stupidity of PC crap that's all around us. Zinging Ken Burns is going to come into real vogue now, as he is getting ready to release his "documentary" about the Viet Nam War. When an initial announcement mentions that "58,000 Americans died there, most of them draftees", it makes people like me, who actually know something about the history, very nervous. Draftees made up about 1/3 of those who served, and since the bulk of them were for later in our involvement, they only made up about 25% of the KIA total. When the "expert" making the documentary starts off with a totally incorrect statement, it doesn't do a lot for your confidence in how much else will be anywhere from a little inaccurate to completely wrong. --Del)

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