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Random Thoughts for December

Random Thoughts for December, 2016. By Robert A. Hall
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I checked my blog pageviews on November 29. What's up with France? Here is the previous week's totals:

United States
South Korea

Barack Obama famously announced his intent to legislate through executive Order, saying, "I have a phone and I have a pen." Democrats and the media defended him on this. Well, come January, Donald Trump will have that phone and that pen. We will see how they like it.

Some people go into shock. Other go into action.

I guess now that Trump has been elected, dissent will become patriotic again. For eight years it was racist.

I note the violent protests against Trump's election. I thought the left said it was Trump's supporters who were violent?

This election should give pause (but won't) to those calling for abolition of the Electoral College. Given the closeness of the popular vote, using the direct vote would have meant months, perhaps years, or recounts in all fifty states with lawyers from both sides challenging every vote. As it would have in 2000 and 1960.

My wife is big on hunting. In fact, she watches mostly hunting shows on TV: Ghost Hunters, Bridal Gown Hunters, House Hunters, etc.

As readers know, I didn't vote for Trump or Clinton. I wrote in Evan McMullin. But most of my readers held their noses and voted for Trump, apparently not wanting the despicable to be an enemy of the unqualified.

We need a 12-Step program for idiots.

Remember all the conservatives and whites rioting in 2008 and 2012 when Obama won? Me neither.

If things really go south, countries that have established Nuke-Free Zones will find they are as effective as Gun-Free Zones.

From the Net: Hillary for Ambassador to Libya.

Actually, when they murdered four Americans in Benghazi, the Islamists may have murdered the Clinton Restoration at the same time. Welcome to the Law of Unintended Consequences.

The Obama Administration has taught the nihilist thugs that they deserve to always get their way and if they don't that the proper response is riots, violence and the destruction of the property of anyone around them. The progressive thugs rioting over Trump are destroying cities that largely voted for Clinton. Has she raised a hand to condemn them? I think the riots will raise Trump's approval rating--is that their goal?

Internet meme: Obama beat Hillary twice. Once on the way in, once on the way out.

Freedom isn't given. It has to be earned by every generation. The current generation will learn that. As Ben Franklin famously said, "Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other." 

It may be lonely, but there's something to be said for not having relatives.

There are too many people whose "skill set" is an empty tool box.

The Anti-Trump riots were kind of entertaining. People who criticized Trump for not pledging to accept the results didn't accept the results of the election, and burned down cities that voted for Hillary, making everyone there poorer.

The Democrat Party was built on the blood of people of color, from the trail of tears to the whip of the slave holders.

When I ran successfully for the state senate five times, I tried hard never to promise things I couldn't deliver. For example, I promised to fight against spending and tax increases. People often heard what they wanted, turning that into as pledge to lower taxes, as though one GOP senator in a Senate with 6 other Republicans and 33 Democrats could do that.  In my old age I have conceded that you cannot get elected President by telling the truth about economics or what is possible. Lying, however, doesn't automatically get you elected because the other candidate is also lying and promising pain-free utopia.

What makes people "Native Americans"? Their ancestors immigrated here before yours did.

So far, and contrary to the predictions of the left, all of the "hate crime" attacks on people and property have come from anti-Trump thugs on the left, who are attacking people who didn't have much if anything to do with Trump getting elected. If Hillary had won and Trump supporters had rioted, would Obama be as silent?

Perhaps the reason that I never rose higher than the state senate is that I'm congenitally incapable of doing "solemn" and "pompous" with any degree of conviction.

Saw a "Give Away" magazine titled The Journey of Aging. I've got news for them. It's more like a fall down a rocky cliff with nothing good at the bottom.

Ambidextrous, adj. The ability to successfully run for office as a conservative after decades of supporting liberal politicians and progressive policies.

Greed is the best bait.

Raising a riot is easy. Raising a crop or a family is hard.

"In our civilization, and under our republican form of government, Brain is so highly regarded that it is exempted from the cares of (public) office." --Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary.

A local high school gave students a test on which appeared this question:  "Gender is determined by___________" The correct answer? "Culture," you cisnormative bigot.

Many savage tribes believe in human sacrifice, including the Tribe of Liberals, who are always itching to sacrifice you, your family, your well-being and your finances to their God of the State so they can feel self-righteous.

I haven't heard President Obama say that, "Republicans are on the wrong side of history" lately.

“Universities are the boot camps for political correctness. Whereas you arrive at the U.S. Marine Corps Basic Training Camp a wimp, and emerge eight weeks later a Marine, you arrive at university uninformed, and emerge four years later misinformed.” ~ Tim Murray 

Racist, n. Someone of a different ethnic heritage who won't do what I want.

"Money is the root of all evil." And thieves, marketers and the government see it as their duty to protect you from evil by relieving you of it.

Gerrymandering is despised when the other party does it, but tolerated as the means to a good end when your party does it.

Dr. Ed Gutteling on the electoral college: The Cubs beat the Indians 4:3 in games in the World Series, but the Indians scored more runs than the Cubs did. Is that fair? Trump beat Hillary 309 : 232 electoral votes, but it looks like Trump lost to Hillary in total votes (still final tally not for several weeks) 60,265,858 to 60,839,922, or 574,064= 0.47%. ALL of that margin can be attributed to California alone. Should we all just be their colony? Hillary won 47.8% of the votes, Trump 47.3%. I.E.: 52.2% of all voters in America voted AGAINST Hillary for someone else. Trump won more total votes in 30 states, Hillary won only 20 states. Trump won over 50% of the votes in 24 states, Hillary in only 11. So all that needs to be considered, in "what's fair" in this election. Aloha, Ed.

I heard a report that the top 20 fake election news stories received far more shares, likes and comments on Facebook than the top 20 real stories. No surprise there.

Liberals think of Social Engineering as a hard science.

If you want your children to grow up to enjoy the fruits of their own labors, be sure they learn well the old tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Progressives.

I suspect most of my liberal friends and relatives block or delete my posts and comments on Facebook, though being open minded I allow and read theirs.

One of the great advances in pharmacology is the senior-proof cap for pill bottles.

After the conventions, I read about a liberal guy who had "Bernie" tattooed on his wiener. After the election I saw a photo on Facebook, looked legit, of a young fellow who had tattooed on his back in two or three inch letters, "Trump is not my fucking president." I'm not big on tattoos, but to get one about a candidate, pro or con, of any persuasion, is a special kind of stupid. These guys will be reminded of Bernie and Trump long after there are other candidates, campaigns and issues.

Recently the holder for my flip phone wore out, so I got one that clipped on my belt. Bad idea. Waiting for my brother outside the mall, I dropped it and didn't notice--until a cop called on it to tell us she had it at the station, where we retrieved it. I discarded the holder. A week later, Bonnie and I were in Kohl's Store. We found a smart phone in the bottom of the black cart. Couldn't call the person, as we didn't know the pass code, but I turned it in to customer service where I presume it will be returned. What goes around....

Sunday, November 20. Arose for church. Temperature 23 degrees. Wind chill 12 degrees. The start of winter? A month away. Indigenous People Summer is apparently over.

When I was a boy, my dad told me anyone can grow up to be president. After Obama and Trump, I believe it.

Riot, n. A form of group entertainment in which the participants, in order to protest some perceived offense, destroy the property, health and/or lives of people around them who had no part in giving the offense, thus impoverishing their own neighborhoods.

Saying all whites are racist is as dumb as saying all blacks are lazy or stupid or thugs or welfare cheats.

I didn't vote for Trump; I wrote in Evan McMullin. But it is clear that if Trump nominated Jesus to his cabinet, the left and the media (redundant I know) would declare Jesus an extremist biased against money changers.

"Politics, n. A strife of interests masquerading as a conflict of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage." Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary.

I retired three years ago and I still hate Mondays. I've been retired three years. Looking at our retirement fund, if the market holds, we can live another 12 years.

Hillary proves that liberals are wrong. In real life not everyone gets a trophy.

There are some people who, if you get a letter, call or email from them, you know it's nothing good.

The average super wealthy Hollywood celebrity uses more fresh water to water the lawn than many third world villages get in a week or two. The average celebrity puts more carbon into the air in a week than you and I do in a year. And then they have the nerve to lecture us about global warming and the poor.

As part of my health routine, I have to record my weight every morning. Thanksgiving morning: 172.2. Friday the day after: 171.3. Discipline!

The way the healthcare field is expanding, with more organizations spreading their reach, I expect in ten years Walgreen's will do walk-in kidney transplants.

The churches keep trying to inject religion into Christmas, spoiling the commercialism of the season.

Apparently some Blacks think they need segregated "safe spaces" on campus to keep blacks safe. Sure. Like they are safe in heavily black places like South Chicago, East St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans and Camden, NJ. Bull Conner. Harry Byrd, George Wallace and other anti-Black Democrats would be proud of them.

November 26, Castro dead. I'm betting there will be an outpouring of praise and honors from the left. After all, he ran the left's dream state. Only one party allowed. No freedom of the press or of speech. Opponents jailed or shot without trial. it's what the left wishes it had the power to establish in every country and does in every country where it gets the power, from the USSR, to China to Vietnam to Venezuela.  (November 28. I was right, but it was easy to predict.)

Michael Moore, the bulbous blowhard, did a documentary praising Cuba over healthcare and slamming America, the country that made him rich. I wish he'd move to Cuba and make a documentary critical of the government. He'd learn what an all-powerful socialist state means to freedom. The hard way.

"What the Army sociologists, with their clipboards and their questions and their meta-analyses, were slow to understand was that courage was love." Sebastian Junger, War.

People say, "I was blown away," with no real concept of what it really means. For example, "Seeing Dave again blew me away." Why not, "Seeing Dave again was like being shot in the head," or "Seeing Dave again was like a sucking chest wound."

Internet Joke: "Democrats haven't been this angry since Republicans took away their slaves in 1865."

It's hard to tell if the progressives are grieving more over Hillary's defeat or Castro's death.

I'm not upset about Jill Stein asking for a recount in Wisconsin. Historically, the person ahead is more likely to gain votes in a recount. In 1972, I went from being nine up before the recount to winning by 126. And the millions progressives are giving her won't be available to give to progressive candidates in the future. Wisconsin van use the money.

If a less qualified white gets a job over a more qualified black, it's racism. If a less qualified black gets a job over a more qualified white, it's affirmative action.

A legislator voting to fund Planned Parenthood or a citizen voting for a pro-choice candidate, while saying they are personally against abortion, is like sending money to ISIS while saying you are personally against terrorism.

Left wing therapists are happy with Trump. Requests for therapy appointments have reportedly soared from grieving snowflakes.

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Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic.

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