Monday, December 19, 2016

Now 12 dead....

Berlin truck crash: 12 dead in 'apparent terrorist attack' at Christmas market – live
OK, it's up to 12 dead and 48 injured now from the madman driving the big truck into a holiday crowd in Berlin. The politicians there are reluctant to call it an attack so far, but - get ready for the shock- it looks like the driver is a refugee who arrived in country some months ago. From one of those nations where a certain religion other than Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism or Hinduism happens to be the main religion. But it's probably just a unique incident, not related to any ideology or religious fanaticism, just a random crazy guy who by chance picked a time near a major Christian celebration. Sure, we can all understand that. I wonder if Angela Merkel will have any kind of faint second thoughts
about inviting in the huge crowd that included the truck driver.
Probably not. I wonder what it will take for the Germans to decide they need some new and different leadership. --Del

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