Saturday, December 17, 2016

No hope

Michelle Obama: 'We are feeling what not having hope feels like.' By Eugene Scott, CNN
Excerpt: The first four years were more than bad enough, but the second term left so many of us in deep despair about the future of the nation. We were terrified our grandchildren would inherit a society and system so unlike, and so much less than, what we grew up in and learned to treasure. It was barely possible to hang onto hope, like a drowning man digging his nails into a piece of floating 2x4 that really isn't big enough to hold him up. But we hung on, and some of us prayed every night for help from above to save us and our country from sliding all the way over the edge. And our prayers were answered. But Michelle, baby, sorry about the taxpayer funded great vacations, yet you won't ever miss a meal or have to shop in a bargain store or actually work for a living, nor will there be the slightest threat to you or your husband. You'll learn to survive without all the servants and perqs of the White House, you'll still be honored and deferred to and very popular with a lot of devoted fans. So chill out, sweetheart, stiff upper lip and all that, live with the horror of some others in power, exercising it in ways just like Obama did, but for a different set of values. And you can always move somewhere else if it becomes unbearable. --Del

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