Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Worth Reading

Worth Reading: The Restoration. By Josh Hammer
Excerpt: At long last, after years of ceaseless chatter and months of obstreperous mudslinging between two general election nominee jokesters whose would-be presidencies despotisms are less pleasant to contemplate than the prospect of an unanesthetized colonoscopy, Election Day 2016 is finally here. The Party of Lincoln, the once-serious Reaganite vehicle for advancing substantive ideas about spurring economic growth and promoting Aristotelian human flourishing, of which I have formally been a member since the day I turned eighteen years old, and which has otherwise made extraordinary gains at every level of government throughout the lethargic and Leviathan-engorging Obama presidency, has done the unthinkable by nominating for the highest office in the free world a catastrophically unfit, temperamentally unbalanced, borderline-deranged, willfully ignorant, quasi-fascistic, Kremlin-tained, bloviating, demagogic reality TV show blowhard. The Democrats, in reneging upon their own one-time intellectually defensible tradition of supply-sider John F. Kennedy and “peace through strength” internationalist Scoop Jackson through the economic centrism and tough-on-crime resolve of Bill “the era of big government is over” Clinton, have similarly beclowned themselves by nominating for the highest office in the free world a congenital liar and shapeshifting chameleon of a zealous kid-killing socialist who is the most systemically corrupt person to receive a presidential nomination in at least a full century, who recklessly helped foment the metastasis of the global jihad due to her serial profound misjudgments on the world stage as U.S. Secretary of State, and who quite possibly belongs in jail due to her deliberate and deceitful undermining of U.S. national security.

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