Wednesday, November 16, 2016

VA Employee Ran fraud

VA executive running 'shameless' charity to retire with full benefits. By Drew Griffin and David Fitzpatrick
Excerpt: Thomas Burch, a career lawyer for the Department of Veterans Affairs will retire November 30 with a full pension and lifetime health care, a congressional source told CNN. Burch was in the process of being fired by the VA after an internal investigation and an investigation by the New York attorney general's office found Burch personally benefiting from donations made to the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation. The Foundation, which Burch ran, raised more than $29 million in four years but spent less than 2% of that money on actual veterans causes. The New York attorney general's office discovered most of the donated funds went to professional fundraising, and that "the fraction that actually made it to NVVF was further reduced by a pattern of abuse, mismanagement and misspending by NVVF's former president." (This is just one more example of the sickening situation with government employees who can get away with assorted kinds of immoral and dishonest activities and still retire with all of us paying for their generous lifestyle until they die. --Del)

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