Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Electoral College

From Dr. Ed Gutteling: The Cubs beat the Indians 4:3 in games in the World Series, but the Indians scored more runs than the Cubs did. Is that fair? Trump beat Hillary 309 : 232 electoral votes, but it looks like Trump lost to Hillary in totalvotes (still final tally not for several weeks) 60,265,858 to 60,839,922, or 574,064= 0.47%. ALL of that margin can be attributed to California alone. Should we all just be their colony? Hillary won 47.8% of the votes, Trump 47.3%. I.E.: 52.2% of all voters in America voted AGAINST Hillary for someone else. Trump won more total votes in 30 states, Hillary won only 20 states. Trump won over 50% of the votes in 24 states, Hillary in only 11. So all that needs to be considered, in "what's fair" in this election.
Aloha, Ed

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