Friday, November 18, 2016

Speaker at UW ROTC

ROTC Joint Services Ball

Last night, Bonnie and I attended the University of Wisconsin ROTC Joint Services Ball. They invited three Vietnam vets to speak and I represented the Marines. We had a terrific time and from reports my talk was well received. It was nice to see, on such a far left campus, that there were hundreds of pretty girls there, most as dates of cadets, but some as cadets or midshipmen themselves. I said it was an honor to be invited as, to my knowledge, the UW ROTC was the only US military unit in contact with the enemy every day! We had three Marine-option midshipmen at our table, great kids. Also two very pretty girls, one majoring in nursing the other in the geology of hard rock mining! All bright, patriotic kids. I met a Prof. John Hall, professor of US Military History. Wish I could take his classes. Gave me hope for the future. ~Bob

 With the Marine Option Midshipmen singing the Hymn

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