Saturday, November 12, 2016


From my friend, Del: OK in 2012 a lot of people were very disappointed by Romney's loss to Obama, and I do recall a few signs, briefly, that said "Not My President" held by a very few people for a day or so.
But now, three days after the election is over, we have dozens of rallies and marches, some of them with thousands of people in them, all kinds of deep bitterness being expressed, wholesale rejection of Trump, multiple calls for his assassination on social media, and people in the news, like Harry Reid, still proclaiming him to be a criminal, etc, etc.
So the Conservatives, the supposedly prone to violent, guns&religion, intolerant and narrowminded people, are the ones who can generally accept the democratic process even when it disappoints them greatly; while the Liberals, the people who claim to be the beacons of tolerance, respect for others, and eager participants in the democratic process, are the ones who scream and yell without stopping, as major crybabies because things didn't come out the way they wanted.
When your rights are violated, when you have been unjustly treated, when you want to agitate for a change in some policy, you get to protest, that's perfectly legitimate.  When you just want to keep on bitching bitterly because you don't like the way something turned out that was legitimate in how it was set up and took place, that's not protesting, that's whining.
And that's a sad display of how a certain fraction of people think now.  If they don't get their way, then it's unfair.  Well, welcome to the real world.  Now try getting over yourself, snowflake.

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  1. If we just give them participation trophies they will go home.