Saturday, November 5, 2016

From "This is True"

The Election is Driving People Nuts: Christina Ferguson, 32, burst into what she believed was a Donald Trump for President rally in Amherst Junction, Wisc. She yelled at the crowd about how much she hated Trump, and the group asked her to leave. A man in the parking lot says he saw Ferguson spreading peanut butter on vehicles and called police; Ferguson was arrested. When asked about her motive, Ferguson reportedly became “very emotional” and talked about “how much she loved Hillary Clinton and hated Donald Trump,” police say. “Peanut buttering is better than firebombing, and Trump plans on firebombing everybody in other countries,” Ferguson allegedly told them. The event wasn’t a Trump rally: it was a meeting of the Tomorrow River Conservation Club. The complaint said Ferguson admitted to drinking beer and blackberry brandy that night, and blew a .218 percent alcohol level on a Breathalyzer. Ferguson smeared peanut butter on 30 cars using a “family-size jar of low-sodium, creamy natural Jif,” according to the deputy’s report. (MS/Stevens Point City Times) ...Choosy drunks choose Jif.

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