Sunday, November 6, 2016

Decision Day

Tuesday is decision day. Americans will go to the polls to choose the lesser of two large evils, two candidates whose favorability ratings are under water.  Whether it’s President Trump or President Clinton, the next president will take office as a flawed and wounded leader. There will be no honeymoon. Angry partisans of the loser will continue to mine the past for sleaze, and there is plenty there to mine for both of them.  The people who “rigged” this election are the people who voted for Trump and Clinton in the primaries. Had the Dems nominated Jim Webb, he’d be up 10 points. Biden, sanders and others would be up by 5-6. Had the GOP nominated Rubio, Cruz, Walker, Kasich, bush or Romney, he’d be up by 10 points. Clinton is probably the only Dem Trump could beat, Trump the only Republican Clinton could beat. The stupidity, it burns.

I still think Clinton wins, thanks to having Trump as her opponent, but it will likely be closer than I thought last spring. I knew her ethics-free sleazy pursuit of money and power at all costs was there, but I didn’t know Wikileaks would expose  so much of it. She is up about 2 points in the polls. He has two great advantages. First, Trump’s broken promise to self-fund (Remember “I can’t be bought?) killed his fund raising, meaning her late ads and ground game are better funded. Also trump’s disdain for being a traditional candidate means that her data-base-driven ground game is far superior. The Demos will turn out the vote for her, much of it from live persons. I hope Trump doesn’t take the senate down with him. He has no one to blame but himself, though he will as always blame everyone else for his failure.

As I wrote on my blog a couple of months ago, I don’t think it matters who you vote for. With either President Trump or President Clinton, the Republic will continue to spiral down to fiscal, economic, social and political collapse. Rubio or Cruz might have slowed to race to the cliff a bit, but no politician Could pass the harsh, painful measures to do a 180 course reversal. A majority say the country is on the wrong track, but won’t accept change that slows their person gravy train.

Though I voted for Evan McMullin (I have to look at myself in the mirror  and could not vote for a life long liberal I have loathed for decades, Trump or Clinton), a selfish part of me kind of hopes Trump wins. With Clinton the disaster will be boring, four more years of Obama’s social engineering, PC military, job-killing catering to interest groups, and the usual socialist disaster. Plus the never ending Clinton scandals as their ethics-free pursuit of power and money goes on. They can no more stop than an addict. Ho Hum. But with Trump, while the disaster will be as bad, maybe worse, probably faster, at least it will be a new and entertaining disaster every week. His egotism will be entertaining. And it will be fun watching the Donaldcrats tie themselves in knots explaining why there is no wall, no big economic growth and why Russia, China and the Jihad march on. Pass the popcorn. ~Bob

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