Saturday, November 5, 2016


In Defense of James Comey
Excerpt: When Comey closed the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server in July without charges, Democrats threw rose petals at his feet. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi called him "a great man." The Clinton campaign released a video praising him. Not surprisingly, it has since been deleted from the website. By renewing the case, and notifying the appropriate congressional committees, Comey chose the only legal and ethical course available to him upon the discovery of new evidence. (It is rare that the Boston Globe looks at anything without their Democrat leanings dominating the view, but it does happen now and then. Or perhaps they’ve finally gotten fed up with HRC to the point of calling BS. Of course, it won’t make any difference to the American citizenry, we’re screwed no matter who wins, even if it's a 3rd party candidate. At best, we’re out of the pan and into the fire. There will be no "victory parties" this election. I’m thinking of having a wake Tuesdaynight. Ron P.

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