Friday, October 21, 2016

Women in the infantry

Female Army Colonel Illustrates Why No One Should Listen to Army About Marine Standards. By Jude Eden
Excerpt: This is a standard tactic of those pushing women into combat units: Denounce the standards that have worked to forge the toughest military in the world as unfairly discriminatory to women so that those standards can be summarily disregarded. That way, more women will pass and feminist policy makers will get their desired quota of female representation in the ranks. Haring and her ilk expect us to believe that they don’t want the standards lowered for women and then they pull garbage like this. They want us to believe in conflicting realities: on one hand that women can do anything infantrymen can do, and on the other hand that we’re so technologically advanced women won’t have to. They can’t have it both ways, and neither one is true. Since she couldn’t manage to find anyone to explain why such standards would be useful to infantry leaders in the military’s toughest branch fighting the most ruthless savages we’ve ever seen, allow me to assist.

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