Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Debate

In Las Vegas, a Tale of Two Debates
Excerpt: It was a tale of two debates — and two elections — here on the campus of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where the Republican nominee squared off against Hillary Clinton for a third and final time. The first 45 minutes showcased Trump at his sharpest: Offering a reminder of the potential for an outsider candidate, he used plainspoken arguments to aggressively prosecute Clinton as a failed political insider incapable of bringing change to the country. But the last 45 minutes demonstrated his glaring and fundamental weaknesses, as he sputtered in the face of questions about recent allegations of sexual assault and Clinton, smelling blood in the water, reverted to unloading a trove of opposition-research to stall his momentum. Then, in a moment that negated much of his success and stole every post-debate headline, Trump refused to promise that he would accept the election’s result.

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