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Random Thoughts for October

Random Thoughts for October, 2016. By Robert A. Hall
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This is posted late as we were on vacation to NC and VA for 10 days. I expect I'll post my November "Random Thoughts" (if I have any) after the election.

This is the hand basket election. There is no margin for error on November 8th. Unfortunately, error is guaranteed, having been made by the primary voters.

Hall Surging! (From a campaign volunteer, widow of a WWII Marine I served with in the reserves and mother of an excellent aide to me in the senate): "Dear Bob, I had planned to hold my nose and vote for Donald Trump but after listening to his crass comments about women on CNN tonight he has proved himself even more disgusting than I can tolerate!!  I also cannot vote for a woman who has stayed for all these years with a man who cheated on her through most of their marriage so that she can be the first woman president! I can, however, understand it!! Being first is almost always good!!  Bob, when you receive a vote from Fitchburg MA, it's Jan!!"

If like me, you are writing in Evan McMullin for president, his running mate is Mindy Finn. Mindy is the founder and president of Empowered Women, a bi-partisan organization that gives voice to a bold, new generation of American women in civic life. She has served as an advisor to the Republican National Committee, President George W. Bush, and Governor Mitt Romney; and developed business partnerships for Twitter.

The recent hacking of several state voting databases should put paid to the liberal fantasy of on-line voting. But probably won't.

The major job of a company spokesperson, a candidate's spokesperson or a presidential spokesperson is to defend the indefensible.

Why the media insists on interviewing rabid partisans of either candidate God alone knows. They spin even the worst facts to favor their candidate, turning off any viewers with a brain. If the candidate said the sun is cold, they would defend it.

When they dropped out, Rubio was doing 16 points better against Clinton than Trump was. Kasich 13 points better, Cruz 8 points better. If the GOP had nominated any of them, or Walker, Bush or Romney, this election would be over. Thanks Donaldcrats.

If Mexico is so great, why don't we model our immigration laws on their laws? And our voter ID laws as well.

We don't get what we deserve in life, we get what we get. If everyone got what they deserved, Hitler, Stalin and Mao would have been strangled by their umbilical cords at birth, Donald Trump would be running a three-card Monty game and Hillary Clinton would be a bag man for a small town bookie.

It's okay to pray that "X" never happens. It's not okay to fail to plan what your response will be if "X" does happen. Or to think about ways you can prevent "X" from happening--besides prayer.

Watching the Trump-Clinton election is very entertaining, like watching Nazis killing Commies on the Eastern Front if you can ignore the collateral damage and the fact that one side will win. With this election, come January, you will be the "collateral damage."

I was against Hillary when Trump was giving her money, saying she did a great job as Secretary of State, was his friend and would be a good president. I do not support her and will not vote for her. If I'm helping her by not voting for Trump, then by the same logic I'm helping Trump by not voting for her. I realize that is a little complicated for some folks to grasp.

Because the marketing department declares a product is "special" or "improved" doesn't mean it is.

You'd think that Trump and Clinton would be more humble, given how much they both have to be humble about.

If having segregated housing makes blacks safe, as BLM has convinced some universities, wouldn't the south side of Chicago be the safest place in the country for blacks?

This election has taken voting for the lesser of two evils to a new low. The majority of people are voting for a candidate they hold in contempt because they despise the other candidate even more.

Never feed a bully.

Liberals have the kind of compassion that kills. They coddle, protect and enable thugs and murderers from BLM to Jihadists. Those people then kill more innocents.

For the fervent supporters of the winner, the election will be a dream made real. For the rest of us, it will be a nightmare made flesh.

I recently read a great quote from a Navy officer as to why Navy enlisted men are now wearing camouflage work uniforms. "That's so, if you fall overboard, no one can see you."

I was diagnosed with pneumonia in July, ended up in the ER, six days in the VA hospital and came home with an antibiotic IV running in a PIC line. And no one cared. Of course, I walked into the ER under my own power, I didn't need people to keep me from falling down.

There are two kinds of people in this country. There are those who, at some point, were willing to put their lives and bodies on the line to protect others. And there are those--the majority--who weren't. Hillary, Bill, Obama and Donald fall into the second category.

New country song seen on the Internet: "I've been wiped from the server of your heart."

When Professor Melissa Click of the University of Missouri assaulted a student reporter and called for "some muscle over here" to forcibly expel him from covering the event, she was merely expressing the deep seated aversion of the left to freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Take note that leftists always believe, deep down, that using force is appropriate if you say, print or do something unacceptable to them. And of course you can't have guns as that would limit their ability to coerce you into line.

The herd instinct is almost as strong in cattle as it is in journalists.

I think I've mentioned this before, but it seems to be happening more lately. I go into the men's room and the stall is occupied. Through the crack in the door I see a young male employee sitting on the john and checking his phone for messages. High on my annoyance list.

Some people feel a need to respond to every email. If everyone did, in about a week, you'd have a million emails awaiting your response.

Another Syrian ceasefire has failed. This is news?

In twenty years, "due process" will start with, "Find a wall."

There is a very fine line between "enthusiast" and "fanatic." And, yes, I often don't know which side of the line I'm on.

How come liberals hate free trade agreements like NAFTA, but love the European union, which is a pretty big free trade agreement?

President Clinton's multicultural world view and refusal to acknowledge Islamic terrorism will extract a terrible price. President Trump's lack of knowledge about government, foreign policy and the military he deftly avoided serving in will exact a terrible price. Either way, the price will not be paid by them, their families or their one-percenter friends, but by our troops.

If I threw up as much as or cats, I'd be in ICU. Doesn't seem to bother them, but then they don't have to clean it up.

Beware the man who loves paperwork.

The Liberal's Checklist for dealing with terrorism.
1. Claim the incident was an accident.
2. When that collapses, claim it was deliberate, but nothing to do with terrorism.
3. When that falls apart, claim is was by a lone wolf, nothing to do with international terrorism.
4. When it comes out that the terrorist claimed allegiance to the Islamic state, was a devoted, very religious Muslim, had been radicalized at his local mosque, inspired by ISIS or al Qaeda, and shouted "Allah Akbar" as he murdered, claim it has nothing to do with Islam or religion and that we will never know his motive.
5. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

We were running errands and stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant we like, Lerado's. Across the street had been a rather liberal (God didn't get a cameo in the sermon) Presbyterian Church we went to, once, when we were first in town. It's now The Islamic Center of East Madison.

One of the many things that worries me about the future of our country, a future I won't be here to see, is that for the first time in American history we have a substantial share of the population who will make good slaves. The Dependent Generation is so used to government taking care of them, they will be unable to take care of themselves, and will readily give up their freedom to be taken care of.

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