Saturday, October 8, 2016

MN going down?

WI Left Silent on MN ObamaCare Exchange Disaster. By Brian Sikma
Excerpt: Minnesota’s ObamaCare insurance exchange is on the verge of collapse, but don’t expect Wisconsin liberals to be talking about it any time soon. Ever since Gov. Scott Walker (R) rejected federal ObamaCare Medicaid expansion money and refused to have Wisconsin pay for an insurance exchange (leaving the state to use the federal exchange), Wisconsin liberals have repeatedly pointed to Minnesota as a shining example of what Wisconsin could have been if only Walker had embraced the Affordable Care Act. But Minnesota, once that shining example of all that was good about state-funded, federally-controlled health insurance exchanges and expanded Medicaid roles, is now in big trouble. According to Bloomberg, Minnesota’s individual insurance exchange has come “to the brink of collapse” in recent weeks and only emergency measures to allow insurers to raise rates has staved off further disaster. Rates will rise by at least 50%, and a spokesman for MNSure, the cleverly named state ObamaCare exchange, told Bloomberg the average rate increase will be a stunning 60%.

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