Monday, October 17, 2016

From a friend

Please watch the whole clip -- it’s important:
These tactics are straight from the cultural Marxist/communist playbook: subversion, intimidation, repression, and violence. All sub rosa, using proxies, with various degrees of deniability.
The firebombing of a Trump campaign office in North Carolina over the weekend, the beatings of Trump supporters, tires slashed and vehicles vandalized at Trump rallies… all are part of this escalating campaign. It’s a miracle no one has died. Yet.
As you can see from the individuals caught on camera, the Left’s leaders are in it, from Soros to the DNC and the Clintons.
We’re still (supposedly) living in a representative Republic. When the people using these tactics gain control of the government, do you have any doubts about what’s going to follow?

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