Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dems & BOCare

When Bill Clinton starts moaning about the downsides of ObamaCare, and other Democrats join in, and the chorus of long term opponents gets even louder, it would seem that at long last the lack of any real success has become undeniable. But of course the Liberal answer is more government fixing, more subsidies, as if the money just comes down like manna from heaven. The only real answer is scrap it and start over, and do a lot of the things that don't require direct government bureaucracies to run them, like making competition nationwide for health insurance, as it is for car insurance. Competition has always been the best way for a capitalist, profit-driven system to serve the people, and the best thing the government can do is make very sure there is open competition. But those who don't really like capitalism and are sure that the Nanny Government (run of course by the Right People) don't want that kind of solution. They want .... control, control, control. More and bigger bureacracies, that's always worked so well. We can hope that next year this starts getting reversed. --Del
Dems turn on ObamaCare amid premium hikes, Bill Clinton laments ‘crazy system

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