Saturday, October 22, 2016


As I have maintained since the very beginning, the premise of a federally set up system like Obamacare was faulty from the start, and over time its defects would steadily reveal themselves. It took this long only because Mr. Obama delayed several of the steps in its full implementation, but now it's been in full swing and oddly enough, it turns out that having to insure everyone with any kind of preexisiting condition means the insurance companies can't really budget well and they lose money. (Who could ever have predicted that?) And since we need to keep them in business, then we have to let the premiums go up, it's kind of a "do the math" thing. Now it's even being covered in USA Today. Of course the answer some people like and hope this leads to is the "single payer" system, where the government takes over everything. That all such systems we can find in operation in other countries (or here in the VA) have serious downsides, well, that's just inconvenient to bring up, isn't it? The answer is not to try to put Band-Aids on Obamacare, it's to reconsider how to do national health care overall with a different approach, one that's built on reality not ideology and optimism. But that's not what will happen with Hillary in office. --Del

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