Sunday, October 16, 2016


Ah, happy memories.  I recall when the whole thing started, what I said to people was "So 2500+ pages, written by ideological politicians, will end up giving more care to more people for less money, through the creation of another giant federal bureaucracy?  Sure.... and the moon is made out of green cheese."
Now, seven full years after they started actually building the program, with of course a whole series of delays in implementing various steps in it (even though it was claimed no changes could be made in the original plan since it was set in stone), the full impact has hit and the wheels are coming off it all over the place.  Note the mention of the plan below, a $6K deductible and $1K/month cost.  Which means you really have to spend $18K in one year for that family before the major parts of it really kick in.  Sure, that's progress over the bad old days, isn't it?
Yes, some people have insurance who could not get it or afford it before, that's the good news.  The bad news is that the great majority of people are either paying a lot more for the kind of coverage they used to have, or they are getting a lot less coverage for the kind of money they used to pay.  And secondarily, many millions of people can only afford the programs at all because they are getting the subsidies, which is money that comes from the federal government, which means it's money the rest of us are paying taxes to support.
Yep, a great system, based on foolishness, hype, and lies.  And we want more of this kind of thinking in government, because it's worked out so well already?

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