Friday, September 2, 2016

Who to blame?

Worth Reading:
‘Who Did This to Us?’
by Bret Stephen
Excerpt: The Black Lives Matter movement, ignited by the small fable of Michael Brown’s innocence, has metastasized into the big lie of America, land of the irredeemably racist. For BLM and its cadres, there is no moral agency in the black community, no choices African-Americans can make for themselves to shape their own destiny for good or ill. There is merely a nonstop conspiracy by the structures of white power to keep black people down.

Now it’s almost amusing to hear the same BLM sympathizers react indignantly to Donald Trump’s recent suggestion that black lives are as hellish as BLM says they are, and that blacks would have nothing to lose by voting for him. What about the huge black middle class? What about black political empowerment and cultural influence? What about black leadership roles in the police, the military, academia, corporate America? The myth of victimization survives only as long as the myth’s propagator believes he’s at no risk of becoming a genuine victim.

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