Sunday, September 4, 2016

Went Canoeing

On Sunday, September 4, my brother Mark and I drove 100 miles north to canoe the lovely Kickapoo River for three hours. Had a great time. My first time canoeing since I think 2012 before my transplant. The weather was mid 70s, sunny and not humid. Drawbacks were the river was low, so we scraped and stuck a few times, but never had to get out and push. We didn't get our feet wet. And being Labor Day weekend, the river was crowded. Lots of people who were not real canoeists plus 12 year old boys in kayaks who would shoot in front of you without looking. But the real plus was I had the energy not only to canoe, but to lift the canoe with Mark on and off the car, and carry it down to and up from the river. And my canoe is heavy.


  1. Great to know that you are doing well.

    Too bad you have been tricked into supporting a Marxist.

    You still fail to grasp that Trump is not a Marxist and Hillary is. The Marxist use the big lie to deceive and you are falling for lies.

    No Trump is not a conservative, but neither is he a Marxist.

    Think of your granddaughter instead of your iconoclastic concept of GOP.

    So, he did not serve in Marines. Shit happens. He made mistakes, but I bet you did too, like being seduced into opposing Trump by the Communist technique of the Big Lie.

    Simply evaluate his V.P. choice, and some who have introduced him at rallies.

    Yes, he needs you more than you need him. But your granddaughter does not need Hillary. Think of her instead of your narrow opinion.

    ---- // ----

    Trump and the zman

    Then I heard him on the radio talking with Howie Carr. For those unfamiliar with Howie Carr, he is a local Boston talker who has been around forever. He’s a cynical old newspaper guy who does not take a lot of guff from anyone. He hounded the Bulger family as a reporter when Whitey Bulger was loose and killing people with the protection of the FBI, so he is not afraid to give guys like Trump the business.

    If you listen to the interview, Trump is not quite as clownish as usual so he may be serious about running. He did not say anything that struck me as smart or clever, but he handled the questions in a more honest way that you typically hear from politicians. His answer to why he gave money to Democrats was actually pretty funny. Without saying it, he made clear that you have to bribe these guys to get them off your back.

    The thing that kept coming to mind was that Trump actually sounds like a normal person compared to the average politician. I was somewhat blown away by the realization that a bullshitter like Trump is more authentic than the most down to earth politicians. Carr later made the point that Trump gave a speech he did not even bother to write down before giving it. Jeb Bush had a team of fifty that spend months writing his speech

  2. I was against Hillary when Trump was giving her Money, saying she did a great job as Sec of state, was his friend and would be a good president. I do not support her and will not vote for her. If i'm helping her by not voting for Trump, then by the same logic I'm helping Trump by not voting for her. I realize that is a little complicated for some folks to grasp...

    Oh, and I know Carr from my days as a senator. He's a complete ass. ~Bob