Thursday, September 1, 2016

We recovered our Pub Room!

We are not hoarders--but you can see it from here. we enjoy flea markets, yard sales Goodwill, Savers, etc. and love finding bargain "Treasures." That means our condo in Madison was over-filled. and then we bought a small condo in Des Plaines, IL when we were working there...which soon became over-filled. Then in 2013 pulmonary fibrosis forced me to retire, and I had a lung transplant. Everything from the small condo and my office came here in boxes. Plus my brother moved in. More boxes. Plus my step-daughter brought several boxes to add what we were storing for her already. So we lost our pub room to boxes. And the two large storage rooms, the pantry and the walk in cedar closet in the basement were all chock full.

With my health, I just didn't have the energy to tackle it. But my hospitalization in early July and the resulting IV antibiotics made me feel much better and more energetic. So I started at the pantry, worked my way through the large storage room, then the pub room, then the other storage room with shelving. Cleaned out, threw out, made six or seven trips to Savers to donate a car load of boxes, and made several more to the recycling center. Then I hung the stuff on the walls, ought a small TV for $30 and a new compact fridge for $75 off Craig's List. And we have our pub room back, can find stuff in the storage room! Yea!

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