Saturday, September 3, 2016

Trump's Flaws

Trump Doubles Down When The House Is Showing a Queen
Excerpt: History is rife with examples of what happens to civilizations that spin ever more diligently around a hollow core of selfishness, without regard for reality. Add to that a frenzy of hate, a refusal to acknowledge that collaboration and cooperation are more likely to solve problems than a scorched earth policy, and you have the makings of collapse and violence such as the unimaginative among us cannot even dream of.

What makes people think they will be winners in a system where Trump is playing them all for losers? What makes them think he will treat them any different from those he’s hurt and exploited in his casual way through bankruptcies and gaming the system for profit. Honestly, how can anyone trust a guy who bankrupts casinos and weasels out of his debts? A guy who buddies up to Putin and thinks dictators are wonderful?

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