Tuesday, September 6, 2016


It Is Time For Donald Trump to Withdraw In Favor of Mike Pence
Excerpt: Headlines over the last week have reported a tightening Presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Trump surrogates have breathlessly promoted Trump’s surge and Clinton’s decline in between saying other generally idiotic things. But the headlines and statements are not quite true. Yes, it is true that Clinton has seen a decline in her polling. But those voters have not gone to Donald Trump. He remains relatively stagnant, unable to take advantage of Clinton’s collapse in support. This says vastly more about Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. Voters have their doubts about Clinton. They find her unlikeable and untrustworthy. But voters have locked in their opinions about Donald Trump and are not willing to consider him as an alternative. The result is that Republicans find it impossible to gain the upper hand against an easily beatable, terrible, and unlikeable Democrat.

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