Thursday, September 15, 2016

Evan McMullin on Charlie Sykes

This morning, radio host, and recent national conservative #Nevertrump voice Charlie Sykes opened his show with our own Evan McMullin. One of our County Captains set up the arrangement. During the call, Evan gave a shout out to Congressman Reid Ribble for his bravery in standing up early to trump, and also detailed our extensive network of volunteers in Wisconsin. He was talking about YOU! It was very rewarding to know Mr McMullin is aware of and appreciates our contribution to his campaign. Charlie finished out the show before noon taking calls. One caller asked him, "so who are you going to vote for?" Sykes was coy, saying he may not tell. But he first joked that he may write in Paul Ryan, but then admitted he may "write in Evan McMullin," who is of course the only one who will be registered with the state to do so! You can listen online here: You can leave a comment or share it everywhere you can!  Stand with Evan and his 12th amendment strategy! Email, tweet, Facebook or otherwise share the link! Thanks, WI!
Ed Willing, Chair, Wisconsin For McMullin

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