Saturday, September 17, 2016

Constitution Day

From a buddy, a Vietnam Marine Combat vet. ~Bob
Today is Constitution Day. Happy Constitution Day! In 1966, I took an oath to defend the Constitution and my personal belief is that this part of my oath of enlistment did not end when I took off the uniform. Unfortunately many folks do not have an adequate understanding of the Constitution and certainly most do not realize how extreme the violations are of offices holders from both political parties. They all took a similar oath to defend the Constitution, yes even the president and for the most part they have constantly and consistently violated their oath. This is nothing new and it has become progressively worse beginning with T. Roosevelt in 1901. Even if you never took that oath to defend the Constitution you should be appalled by the despicable violations and loss of personal liberty that resulted. After all, the Constitution was written to limit government and to protect individual rights. If you are interested in learning the truth there are a number of free classes at Hillsdale College that you can take online. I have taken several and highly recommend them all. --MM

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