Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hannity blames everyone but himself

Hannity: Let’s face it, these #NeverTrump people will own every one of Hillary’s policies
Excerpt: The closer the outcome, the more plausibly #NeverTrumpers can be blamed for having made the difference. The more of a blowout it is, the more people like Hannity will be laughed at for suggesting that missing Republican votes mattered — although he’ll try to make the case regardless, rest assured. In a way, he and Morning Joe are merely preempting the angry accusations of culpability that’ll be thrown in their own faces if the election turns into a debacle. ... If Trump comes all the way back to win, is Hannity on the hook for everything he does as president the way #NeverTrumpers will supposedly bear the sins of Hillary Clinton? Or is he off scot-free because Republicans are supposed to vote for anything with an (R) after its name that’s put in front of them? If Trump starts ignoring federal law to implement his policies, if he starts issuing illegal orders to the military, if he sh*ts the bed on his Supreme Court appointments and doesn’t deliver the wall his fans are expecting, is that Sean Hannity’s fault for trusting him or are only anti-Trumpers to blame for bad policy outcomes? You know what the answer is. The answer is that Hannity will end up defending anything and everything Trump farts out as president, no matter how anti-conservative it might be. There’s no “blame” to be had when everything a Republican president does is, by definition, salutary and virtuous.

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