Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Democrat Richard Brown for Dane County Treasurer

I think I may vote in Wisconsin's Democrat Primary next Tuesday, August 9. It will be the first time I ever voted in a Democrat Primary.

But tonight Bonnie and I met Richard Brown, a black guy from the south side who is running for Dane County Treasurer. He is an accountant, the only one in the three way race. He has served three terms as Dane County Supervisor. Was a financial auditor in the Legislative Audit Service, Director of Operations for Mendota Mental Health, Budget Analyst for the WI Department of Health and Family services and an accountant for the WI department of Public Instruction and the Dane County Controllers Office.

He was an Army MP, and a cop afterwards. He coaches youth sports on the Southside. He promises to work for better internal controls, increase overall collections, and increase investments through better management.

A black guy who understands finance in the Treasurer's office? Dane County will never elect him. ~Bob

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