Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Conversation with a black lady

I had an interesting conversation this evening with a black lady in Walmart who was checking my order out for me.  Not sure how the subject came up but we talked about the cost of things going up--that was it--I found pork neck for the fox/coons/opossums at the price it used to be last year.  Could not believe it--$4-5 a package versus $6-8. 

She noted it and said, "That's a really good price on that."
I said, "You better believe it.  I couldn't believe it.  Did not know if on sale or what, but I jumped on it." 

She said again, "That's a really good price."

I said, "Well, they say there is no inflation and the cost of things isn't going up, but it IS." 

She looked straight at me.  "You KNOW it.  And it's because of Obama and that Obamacare.  He wanted it and it's his doing."

"Well, I'm sure there were others in Washington who helped him," (Me, being apologetic for the Destroyer in Chief).

"OH, NO!" she said.  "He wanted that Obamacare and it is costing people their jobs." "He's pushing for that minimum wage and that is costing folks their jobs, too."

"And then he has the tech companies and executives donating oodles of money to the party and him and pushing him to allow more of some kind of tech visa status to get these illegals in at slave wages so they can make more money, while those of us working and paying taxes and trying to feed our families are losing jobs and working harder for less," I said. 

"You know it!" she added.  She told me she had worked at what we would have called a dime store years ago over in Gadsden County (figure Quincy, black area) and she was now having to work nights at Walmart in Tallahassee because she lost her job; they were closing down and going out of business.  "Obamacare," she spit out.  "He wanted it and it's his.  He is the one doing this to the people."

Oh my goodness.  Mass media has not gotten this story....

When are they going to figure out he is the one talking them into burning their own businesses and their own neighborhoods to fan a hatred centuries old that should be healing with peace.  Fanning hatred and creating crime is not the act of a Christian or a God-fearing person.  It is straight from Evil.  Not sure if the community as they call it, their pastors, will remove the red/black logos and blinders and SEE what is before them.... a moral decision of right and wrong.

Sigh. --Barb

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  1. You would perhaps appreciate this, then -

    Years ago, at a Boston hospital where I worked, I was once sitting in a lounge area with a new hire from Poland. Well, a black employee there begins in on the "you whites - slavery - you don't understand" rant.

    The Pole, Jurek, waits until he has wound down, then replies calmly, that Poles have been enslaved and re-enslaved for well over a thousand years.

    And concluded with, "you blacks are amateurs."