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The Wit and Wisdom of Democrats

The Wit and Wisdom of Democrats
Robert A. Hall

In addition to the lies and endless broken promises (every Obama promise comes with an expiration date), there are many comments by the self-proclaimed intelligentsia that are just amusing. Below are some of them.

May 8, 2007Senator Barack Obama: "In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died — an entire town destroyed."
Actually 12 people died, not 10,000.

August 7, 2007. Senator Barack Obama: "I would immediately call the president of Mexico, the president of Canada, to try to amend NAFTA….”
Canada has a Prime Minister, not a President.

May 9, 2008. Senator Barack Obama: "I have now been in 57 states, with one left to go."
There are only 50 states.

May 13, 2008. Senator Barack Obama: "We only have a certain number of them (translators) and if they are all in Iraq, then it’s harder for us to use them in Afghanistan."
They speak different languages in Iraq and Afghanistan, making it hard to use the same translator in both places.

June 5, 2008. Senator Barack Obama:  Thinks treatment for asthma is a breathalyzer

June 28, 2008. Senator Barack Obama: “My father served in World War II”
His father and step father were around ten when the war ended.

September, 2008. Senator Joe Biden: Asks a Gentleman in a Wheelchair to Stand Up

September 22, 2008.  Senator Joe Biden: “When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the princes of greed,” Biden told Couric. “He said, ‘Look, here’s what happened.’”
When the market crashed in 1929, homes didn't have TVs, and Roosevelt wasn't President.

February 24, 2009. President Barack Obama: “And I believe the nation that invented the automobile cannot walk away from it.”
The first functioning automobile is credited to Karl Benz of Germany in 1885-6.

March 3, 2009. President Barack Obama: “On the other hand, what you’re now seeing is profit and earning ratios are starting to get to the point where buying stocks is a potentially good deal if you’ve got a long-term perspective on it.”
Business 101: Price to Earnings Ratios.

March 19, 2009. President Barack Obama: My bowling is “"like the Special Olympics or something."
At least one Special Olympian who has bowled three perfect games offered to take him on.

April 4, 2009. President Barack Obama: “I don’t know what the term is in Austrian.”
There is no “Austrian” language. They speak German. A guy named Hitler was an Austrian.

April 14, 2009. President Barack Obama:  says he is “resolved to halt the rise of privacy”
NSA: mission accomplished.

May 26, 2009. President Barack Obama: "They (Supreme Court Justices) are charged with the vital task of applying principles put to paper more than twenty centuries ago."
The Constitution the judges interpret was written just over two centuries ago. Unless he thinks they are supposed to apply principles from the Bible to their rulings?

July 20, 2009. President Barack Obama:  Says His Health Care Plan Will Bring More "Inefficiencies" to the System
For once speaking the truth.

July 23, 2009: President Barack Obama: "I'm always worried about using the word 'victory,' because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur."
As anyone who took a course in American history knows, Emperor Hirohito did not surrender to MacArthur. Other representatives of the Japanese military and government signed the surrender.

August, 2009. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi: "I believe in Natural Gas as a cheap, clean alternative Fossil Fuels."
Natural gas is, of course, a fossil fuel. She said this more than once.

August 12, 2009. President Barack Obama: “But if that same diabetic ends up getting their (sic) foot amputated, that's 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 dollars immediately the surgeon is reimbursed.”
Medicare pays a surgeon between $740 and $1,140 for a leg amputation.

January 28, 2010. President Barack Obama:  (the Constitutional Law "Professor"): "We find unity in our incredible diversity, drawing on the promise enshrined in our Constitution: the notion that we are all created equal...."
It is the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution, which says: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal..."

February 4, 2010. President Barack Obama:  Reads Word "Corpsman" as "Corpse Man" Twice
President Barack Obama:  was speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast and was telling about a Navy Corpsman who assisted the suffering people of Haiti. But as his head bobbed back and forth between his two teleprompters, he read the word "Corpsman" and pronounced it "Corpse Man" twice. As anyone at all familiar with the military knows, it is pronounced “Core Man”. Unless I served in the US Marine Corpse.

March 25, 2010: Congressman Hank Johnson: Says he fears Guam will tip over.

July, 2010? Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee: "Today we have two Vietnam, side by side, North and South."

April 19, 2011. President Barack Obama:  Claims Air Pollution from Coal ‘Creating Asthma for Kids Nearby’
President Barack Obama claimed that coal could create "the kinds of air pollution" that is "creating asthma for kids," in speaking at a town hall event in AnnandaleVa., on Tuesday. However, the National Institutes of Health says that “the exact cause of asthma isn’t known” and that “asthma is different for each person.”

May 24, 2011. President Barack Obama:  doesn’t know what year it is.
Excerpt: This is how President Barack Obama signed the guestbook at Westminster Abbey earlier today, where he got a tour from the Very Reverend Dr. John Hall and laid a wreath on the Grave of the Unknown Warrior. “It is a great privilege to commemorate our common heritage, and common sacrifice. Barack President Barack Obama:  24 May 2008”

June 23, 2011. President Barack Obama: I had the great honor of seeing some of you because a comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously.”
Jared Monti died in service in Afghanistan, and did in fact receive the medal posthumously.

September 8, 2011. President Barack Obama: “We all remember Abraham Lincoln as the leader who saved our Union. Founder of the Republican Party."
Lincoln, a Whig at the time the GOP was founded, wasn’t even the GOP’s first Presidential nominee; the first Republican nominee was John C. Fremont in 1856.

September 23, 2011. President Barack Obama:  hails America's historic building of 'the Intercontinental Railroad'
Was that the railroad to France or to China? Even a dumb Texan would know we built the Transcontinental Railroad.

September 24, 2011 President Barack Obama: A billionaire should pay the same tax rate as a Jew.
Slip of the tongue. Again, if Bush did this, you’d never hear the end of it.

February, 2013. Congresswoman Maine Waters: “If sequestration takes place, that’s going to be a great setback. We don’t need to be having something like sequestration that’s going to cause these job losses — over 170 million jobs that could be lost."
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are only 134 million people working in the United States

March, 2014. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee: The Constitution is 400 Years Old
Came with the Pilgrims. in the 1990s, she also reportedly asked NASA if the Mars Rover landed near where Neil Armstrong planted the flag, but I can't find a source.


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