Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TurboTax Problems

I bought TurboTax last year to replace H&R Block's program, and it worked fine. Last night, I did my Federal taxes on it fine. But then it wouldn't open the state tax form. Took me in a loop back to the "start button" every time.  I went on their website query section and saw similar problems were the top question. The answer was to contact them. I held the line for 30 minutes, but having to get up early for work today, gave up.

Be aware if Turbo Tax is your choice. ~Bob


  1. I've used TT for about 15 years now and never had an issue; but then I live in WA state where we don't pay State tax, we just pay every other tax.

    Hope you get it figured out; I find their customer service is pretty good too. I might recommend that you put in an email/online ticket instead of phone; it isn't necessarily faster, but it gives you time to do other things while waiting and they respond quickly.

  2. I had no problems using it for Mass tax (other than the amount I had to pay).