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Random Thoughts for October, 2012

Random Thoughts for October, 2012
Robert A. Hall

Are you better off today than you were four years ago? For most Americans, the answer is no, though the candidates argue about who is responsible. The real question is, Will you be better off in four years than you are now? I fear the answer to that is also “No!” But I think things will get far worse under Obama than Romney.

The polling trends suggest that the scare tactic of “Republicans are going to take away your government goodies” is working. If the country votes for more dependency and bigger government, our grandchildren will lose everything. Democracy is only fit for a moral and self-reliant people, which we may no longer be.

Outlaw Blasphemy? Fine. Since Christians consider many things in the Qur'an to be blasphemy, we'll ban it. Happy now? Of course, to outlaw blasphemy as the Muslims want, we'd have to ban the Bible, because they consider the claim that God had a son to be blasphemy.

You forget the Norm Thompson Rule at your peril. Norm, a wise selectman in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, once asked me if I wanted to know his theory of politics. Since he’d been elected to public office several times, and I was just starting my first campaign, I said sure. “I want a fellow to be for me,” Norm said. “If he won’t be for me, I want him neutral. But if he has to be against me, I don’t want him mad at me—he’ll work twice as hard and give twice as much money if he’s mad!” I carved it in stone on my heart.

I suspect if Israel thinks Obama will win, it will strike Iran before November 6 to try to force his hand. No hope of support after he gets more “flexibility.”

Just think, if Al Gore hadn’t invented the Internet, all that Muslim rage over a YouTube video could have been avoided.

The reason Capital Gains are taxed at a lower rate than earned income is to encourage job-creating investment with income that was already taxed when it was earned, and is now available to invest—or not. It is hard to believe that Barack Obama is so dumb he doesn’t understand that. I assume he is just manipulating the economically-ignorant voters, who suffer most from his job-killing policies.

I suspect the people who expect a big Obama or Romney win are victims of hearing only what they want to hear.

Since he said you can’t change Washington from inside, is Obama now “The candidate formerly known as Hope and Change”?

As soon as I figure out what my “fair share” of the money you’ve earned is, I’ll be sending you an invoice. Prompt payment will be appreciated.

Occupy Wall Street fans include Barack Obama, who said they are the reason he went into politics, Elizabeth Warren who takes credit for giving OWS its founding philosophy and Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who wants to destroy the US and Israel, has women stoned and hangs gays. Birds of a feather.

The video “The Innocence of Muslims” and its creators deserve the same protection afforded to the artist and the taxpayer-funded “art work” called “Piss Christ.” Both were offensive to many members of a religion. Under free speech, anyone has the right to condemn them. No one has a right to protest them with violence, destructions, riots or legal action to silence them. (Though I think we have a right, as taxpayers, not to be required to pay for them.)

There is no other hate crime that has been as long lasting and murderous as Jihad.

I seriously believe that if Obama is reelected, the nation and world will be in such chaos by 2016 that the electorate is very likely to turn to a strong-man authoritarian to restore order at any price. As the German electorate did in 1933, bringing in the National Socialist Workers Party by democratic vote. I do not think Romney can necessarily save us from the coming collapse, but he offers a glimmer of hope, Obama none.

When Obama got the Nobel Peace prize, was he—or the committee—expecting the Dar al Islam to erupt in violence on his watch?

People seem by nature unable to tolerate prosperity. Especially if their neighbors are more prosperous, preferring the equality of chaos and destitution for all. Cynical politicians have always successful played on this human character flaw to gain power—and great prosperity for themselves.

Liberals care so much about the poor and needy, they are willing to spend every penny you have to help them. Thus making you one of them.

Romney should open his press conferences by asking if all the progressive “journalists” have had time to coordinate their gotcha questions, or if they need a few more minutes. Give them some consideration.

When I started my diet, 52 pounds and six months ago, I was losing two to four pounds a week. Now I have to fight for an ounce. This suggests to me that if I want to hold around the 170 pound level, this diet will end about the time the sun runs out of hydrogen. The good news is I like the stuff I’m eating. The bad news is there is a lot more stuff I like that I apparently can never even smell again. Sigh.

We notice every day the things that indicate the continued deterioration of civilization: the souring birthrate to unwed mothers coupled with a continuing decline in the birthrate of western countries (now well below replacement levels), the violence in our cities, the growing economic and fiscal challenges of government at all levels, the on-going fiscal collapse of socialist entitlement states. So far it’s slow, but there will come a tipping point when the spiral into chaos will cascade beyond the power of most people to cope. I really fear we are seeing the death of civilization from a slow illness—but one that is speeding up. But we all go on pretending the future will be just like the present, because grasping what is likely to happen is difficult, and no one knows what to do anyway.

In times past, the Emperor’s most trusted protectors, who would lay down their lives for him, were called “The Life Guards.” Today, for Emperor Obama, they are called “The Mainstream Media.”

Everyone agrees that half the Congress should be put in prison. No one agrees on which half.

If you murder someone because your religion was, in your opinion, insulted, or a relative because, in your opinion, she insulted the family’s “honor,” you are a savage, trying to work your way up to being a barbarian. We need leaders with the guts to say so.

I’m surprised that Obama hasn’t tried to end violence in Chicago by apologizing to the gangbangers for someone offending them.

The Marines have a “truth-teller” on fitness reports (or they did—it’s been a few years). “Would you want to go into combat with this Marine?” Maybe that shouldn’t be the criteria for national candidates, because I can only say “Yes” to Ryan. Romney is a “Maybe,” Obama and Biden” are a definite “No.” Should the CiC have the same criteria you’d apply to a Sergeant?

If I am ever captured by Muslim extremists, and they force me to make a video begging you to meet their outrageous demands, please remember I don’t believe giving in to them is in our best interests. My ghost will haunt them, not you.

I couldn’t resist. I bought the “Hope Isn’t Hiring” bumper sticker for my car. Put it next to the “Recall Santa: I didn’t get what I wanted” one. Hopefully, my USMC stickers will deter the violent aggression or destruction we now expect from Progressives.

Nothing creates new problems like government solutions.

My watch died. While waiting for a new $13 job to come in from eBay, I was amazed to discover how often I looked at my wrist.

My wife took $100 out of our savings and put it in her purse. She calls it, “Economic Stimulus.” I’m thinking of getting a photocopier and doing some “Quantative Easing.”

If you are under 30 and voting for Obama, you better check first to be sure you can live with your parents for four more years.

The challenge to civilization is that civilized public opinion has evolved to the point where the forces defending civilization are bound by ever-tighter rules, which the barbarians are not bound by, and in fact sneer at us for our weakness. This makes it ever more likely that the barbarians will be able to destroy civilization, thus abrogating all civilized rules.

Saw a woman casually reach into a bag of cherries on a display table at the grocery and take a few to eat. Thus stealing from the person who eventually bought that bag. A small thing, but symptomatic of the degeneration of civilization, I thought.

You have to understand the media. If a Republican tells the truth, it’s a “gaffe.” If a Democrat tells a lie, it’s a “minor slip.” Only if caught red-handed, of course.

Life is fragile. One of the members of my pulmonary fibrosis support group recently died. But not from PF. She and her husband were killed in a car accident due to driver error. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

I think I have the perfect porridge recipe. 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1/2 cup steel cut oats, 3 cups of water. Microwave on high for 20 minutes, or until as thick as you desire. Serve with salt (the Scottish way) and skim milk or unsweetened almond Silk (only 30 calories a cup).

I would like to win the war in Afghanistan, which then-Senator Obama called “The Necessary war.” But it has become clear that our leaders have no plan to win and the country no stomach for the fight, so I’m increasingly unwilling to waste American lives to give Obama political cover. We will have to pull out, and the Afghans—especially the women and children—will have to suffer the consequences of living in a seventh-century society. Eventually, we, too will have to suffer the consequences of defeat. They will not be pretty, but the public’s attention span is low and they won’t know who to blame.

Muslims who want tolerance and respect for Islam might get it by showing tolerance and respect for other religions.

If you want to make the government all-powerful, you need a group of scapegoats to demonize to whip up support in the ignorant masses. For Hitler, it was greedy Jews. For Stalin, it was greedy Kulaks. For Obama and the progressives, it's greedy white "racists."

If I had only done things when I felt like doing them, at least 80% of what I've done in my life would never have been accomplished.

A former girl friend once told me that my motto should be, "Anything worth doing is worth over doing." I appreciated the compliment.

I'm one of those people with no false modesty. Unfortunately, I have damn little real modesty either.

Muslims demanding victimhood status don’t seem to get the difference between a religion you can join or leave (at some risk) and a race you are born into.

I think the polls are so divided and up and down, because the electorate senses the country is in deep trouble and doesn’t have faith in anyone to fix it.

I tend to have more of a sense of urgency about the future than I notice in other people. If the next couple of months look serene, many folks relax, while I fret about the next year or the next decade. My wife, for example, tends to be of the "everything works out for the best" philosophy, despite all the evidence of personal and world history. I tend to think that the enemy are about to attack, or are already in the wire, and we always need to look to our defenses. I suspect this has made me more successful than many folks. Also often kept me awake at 3:00 am when others, including my family and work colleagues, are sleeping soundly.

Obama says the GOP Agenda is outdated. That's because he thinks America, with her founding principles of free markets, property rights and limited government, is outdated.

Why did Clint use an empty chair to represent Obama? Biden wouldn't come.

If you are over 65, you have lived longer than 99% of humans throughout history. If you were born in the US, with free institutions, capitalism and property rights—all those things “right thinking” people deplore—you have also lived better than 99% of the people who ever lived. All modern Americans are thus part of the despised “one percent.”

I like going to the beach; all those teen girls in bikinis. Until my wife says something cruel, like, “Her grandmother is probably too young for you.” The march of time, alas.

Obama’s message: George Bush has wrecked the country for the last four years. You need to elect me to change that.

Of course, Charlotte’s DNC slogan, “We Make It Possible” rang true as the National Debt went over $16 trillion. Or maybe that only applies to giving yuppie college students birth control paid for by others?

Post I saw on a website—wish I’d said it: “Come to think of it, ‘Cash for Clunkers’ should be the new Dem fundraising slogan.”

BO—Before Obama—we used to refer to “your tax dollars at work.” But now your tax dollars can play too—golf, vacations….

I will give up my vote when they pry my cold, dead hands off my racist voter ID card.

Anyone who knows history knows we are all descended from slaves, at some point. Slavery was a large part of every culture, until Western civilization turned against it. According to Dr. Thomas Sowell, during the period when 500,000 black African slaves were taken to North America, over 1,000,000 white European slaves were taken to Muslim North Africa—and probably even more black slaves from Southern Africa, though they didn’t survive to create a minority, except for forced in-breeding of the attractive ones.

I never know if I’m supposed to double or single click on something. And I type faster than Outlook brings up the program. Screws up everything. Computers. Sigh.

People who say “Over and Out” or “Roger Wilco” watch too much TV, and reveal their lack of military service. “Over” means “Your turn to talk” “Out” means “I’m signing off the air.” So “Over and Out” means “You talk, but no one is listening.” “Roger” means “I understand.” “Wilco” means “I will comply.” You can’t comply if you don’t understand, so you never need Roger with Wilco. Using either phrase makes military communicators wince.

I once saw a bumper sticker that said “Food for People, Not for Profit.” There’s nothing stopping that person from buying a farm, growing food and giving it away that I know of. Except math, but since when did Progressives feel bound by math?

If your involved in politics on either side, every week you get phony surveys, asking you where you stand on hot button issues they pretty much think they know, then asking for money. It must work, they continue to do it.

In 1968, the far socialist left rioted at the Democrats’ Convention. Now they are the Democrats’ Convention.

Things that are now “racist:” Merit-based hiring and promotions, property rights, requiring IDs for anything, mentioning that Obama is from Chicago, opposing higher taxes, opposing any government program, opposing any government give-away, black conservatives, disciplining students, punishing blacks criminals who victimize blacks, reporting black mob attacks on whites, Hispanics and Asians, holding blacks to the same educational standards as others, both white and black-owned banks giving whites mortgages at higher rates than to blacks, and to Asians at higher rates than either based on their credit ratings, opposing illegal immigration, being concerned about Jihadist violence, mentioning the black on black murder rate, and not getting a leg-tingle when Obama speaks. I’m sure I missed some—the media add to the list every day.

The formula for having a great life is complicated and hard, though I think I know it. But the formula for having a lousy life is easy: Let yourself be consumed by envy for those with more wealth, talent or brains.

If you are a Progressive, you should not be surprised if you—or your grandkids—wind up kneeling by a trench in the Katyn Forest, hands tied behind your back, waiting for the inevitable result of Progressivism’s march to all-powerful government.

Has there been any month where the job creation numbers were later revised upwards?

When I was in the Corps, I always thought I should make up a hard-corps nickname for myself, and tell guys at my next duty station that’s what I was called. But there was always the possibility they’d laugh and call me something worse. Best I could do was buddies at Khe Sanh calling me “R.A.” Though at 8th Comm, Camp LeJeune after I came home, at least one buddy called me “Mad Dog,” for the way I played football with reckless abandon, even though no skill or coordination. I kind of liked that, but it might not have been helpful in my political career, however appropriate. As usual in the Corps, we played full tackle with no equipment except the ball. But in college, I lettered in…chess, where I played first board for the Mount Wachusett team. I was a tiger!

Some guys love sports so much that, if nothing else was on, they’d watch the National Tiddlywinks Championship on ESPN, hoping that a fight would break out over a slam dunk.

IMHO, the Democrats didn’t do a great job managing their convention, though the media created a short bounce for them, but they want four more years of managing the country and the economy.

Hitler told us what he intended to do in Mein Kampf. Obama told us what he intended in Dreams of my Father. Most people didn’t believe either book until it was too late.

If you want to discover a man’s true character, lend him money.

Being divorced from reality is not morality, but the opposite, as it brings great harm to others.
Obama: “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.” How about those who slander Jews as Pigs and Dogs or being guilty of using Muslim Children’s blood in rituals? How about those who slander Christians as “bitter clingers,” or by taxing them to pay for “art” like “Piss Christ”? Or forcing them to pay for abortions and birth control against their faith’s teachings? How about those who destroy the shrines of other religions, such as the Buddha statutes in Afghanistan or tear down churches and build mosques on the site after a conquest? How about those who execute Christians who left Islam? Any brave words for them, Mr. President?
Only progressives could observe the deterioration of values, standards and traditions that have been going on for 50 years in our society, and call it “progress.”

If you were richer than Bill Gates, and you were dying, what would you pay to have back that hour you will waste today?

My friend Chuck responded to my “random thought” that no one knows everything about any one thing: “And no one knows everything he doesn’t know.” Yes, indeed. And scary.

For me, music has to be an improvement over silence. Since I was a teen, I’ve found that a lot of very popular music isn’t.

Many Marine vets thought the day they got out of the Corps was the best day of their lives. And 20 years later, they thought it was the worst day.

You can be honest and be called a racist, or you can be PC. Chose.

Obama is taking credit for the reduction in Oil imports which are due to high gas prices and private enterprise opening more areas for oil drilling and producing a lot of new natural gas through fracking, both of the latter opposed by his policies and all progressives. Ironic if things he was against get him reelected.

Until we can take school boards away from the teachers unions, education will continue to go downhill and costs to escalate. But only they care enough to makes these bitter and unrewarding election fights.

The reason there was so little violence, destruction and trash at Tea Party rallies compared to the Occupy rallies, is that the Tea Party is composed of citizens, while OWS is an entitlement mob.

Since Progressives have run the universities, we have more college grads than ever, and a more poorly educated populace in civics, economics and history—the building blocks of a free civilization--than ever.

In my long life, I’m had to develop many skills, some of which I was better at than others. They have included: diagnose technical problems with a radio, draft legislation, organize a meeting, recruit association members, publish books, opinion pieces, articles, short stories and sonnets (sometimes for money!), iron a shirt, tie a bowtie, call in an artillery fire mission, manage a political campaign, organize a lobbying effort, recruit and hire good staff, write ad copy, layout a newsletter in desktop publishing, dig a fighting hole, direct website and database upgrades, kill a sentry quietly from behind with my hands, devise and teach Scottish Country Dances, spit shine shoes, play first Board for my college chess team (I was school champion), keep up 5X5 communication with a Radio Relay team in a war zone, develop and oversee a multi-million dollar line item budget, give marching commands to troops, win a beginner class fencing championship in foil, get a trophy for forms in karate after getting two cracked ribs in a bout, play poker well enough to make a nice profit, take responsibility for prudently spending large amounts of other people’s money and carefully account for my stewardship, win medals as a beginner in the Highland Fling, give speeches that entertain and hold people’s attention, present workshops on lobbying and leadership, recite poetry at parties and kill a man at 500 yards with a rifle. As Robert Heinlein said, “Specialization is for insects!”

The good old days: When journalists told people what was happening, rather than what to think. Though, with a master’s degree in History, I know that an unbiased press was always a myth.

If you want to understand the threat of radical, political Islam, imagine if the philosophy of the Westboro Baptist Church was held by 30% of Christians. And they had guns and no compunction about using them to impose their political theology on the rest of us.

Isn’t it ironic that the people who were calling Vietnam vets “Baby killers” are the loudest supporters of abortion?

Isn’t it ironic that the people who talk about a Republican “War on Women” are the loudest supporters of the worldwide “gendercide” which aborts millions of girl babies due to their inferior pluming? (Not to mention their multiculturalist cheering for the misogyny of the oppression of women by Islamic Supremacists.)

Isn’t it ironic that that the people who pretend to care about minorities have supported the abortion of a generation of black babies? (Or, as Progressive Patron Saint Margaret Sanger called them, “The unfit.”)

“Push Polling” is when your campaign workers call voters, and if the voters say they are for your opponent, the workers say, “Would you still be for him if you knew X?” This is widely condemned as an unfair tactic. I think it’s perfectly fair if “X” is both true and relevant. I didn’t use it in my campaigns, but only because I didn’t know about it. In 1972, if my callers had said,
“Would you still be for Senator Joe Ward if you knew he’d missed more rolls calls than the 20 best senators combined, and was the deciding vote against reducing the size of the Massachusetts House?” I think that would have been perfectly fair, because the statements were true and relevant. But if they had said, “Would you still be for Sen. Ward if you knew he has eight daughters and is separated from his wife?” I’d think that was unfair. It was true, but not relevant.

In the time it took you to read this post, Obama added many millions to our grandkids’ debt.

It’s getting harder to find polls that are not pre-biased to help a candidate.

Saw a website with tips if there are riots or revolution. One was: “In times of crisis many rumours will spread around and fear mongering is rampant. Be calm, think before you act, act rashly.” I hope they meant, “Act Rationally.”

All those Obama voters who want other people to pay for their stuff are going to be stunned when they discover they are the “other people.”

Much of the trouble that comes to people comes because they gave someone a club to hit them with. Examples abound: The boss who gets flirty in the office, the politician who cuts ethical corners or gets involved with a woman he shouldn’t, the person who runs his mouth at the wrong time. Yes, I’ve done it too, but age has made me more cautious. If I said everything I thought, I’d be quickly among the unemployed. And probably single.

If the people making the calculations on Iran's nukes, or those developing the intel, are wrong, we lose a city. Or two. And our economy and American social and political cohesion with them.

Some people bring stuff into a house and put it away. Some bring stuff in and put it on the first flat surface. When two of the latter live together, you have chaos and clutter. When you have two of the former, you have a sterile, pristine environment. When you have one of each, you have fights.

Is there anyone who doesn’t think that the lives of the average folks in Muslim countries wouldn’t be better if the devout would give up slaughtering each other in the name of Allah? Of course, unless they also gave up slaughtering Jews, Christians and other infidels in the name of Allah, our lives would be worse in the face of intra-Muslim harmony.

We once went to a Presbyterian Church in Madison, WI where God didn‘t get a mention in the sermon. I’m not overly religious, and never tell anyone else what to believe, but I thought at least a cameo appearance for God would have been nice. Nice folks there, but we didn’t become members.

In case this Pulmonary Fibrosis thing doesn’t work out, I’m looking for a volunteer to give the eulogy at my services. The major requirement is to be a fluid, shameless and well-spoken liar. Political professionals need not apply.

Note to President Romney. You don’t need Congress and Laws. Just Czars and Executive Orders. Good for the goose….

If Obama strangled the White House butler, the media would call it a racist gaffe if Romney mentioned it.

On a lovely September Sunday morning, on a back road in Wisconsin, I passed a farm flying the red and gold flag of the Republic of Vietnam out front. No idea why, given that tens of thousands of south Vietnamese troops died fighting at our side, and we abrogated our pledge to stand by them, meaning generations of Vietnamese have lived with terror, oppression and death. I snapped off a salute, but regret I didn’t have time to stop and ask.

Unfortunately, there is a lot larger percentage of Transnational Progressives than of Muslims who believe that “Islam is a Religion of Peace.”

Why do we have Marines guarding our embassies? All the bad guys know if they bring a mob, we will stand down and let them in to do as they will, rather than risk offending Muslims by fighting back. Why put the Marines at risk?

I couldn’t see standing in line to buy the iPhone5, since I never bought one, two, three or four.

Minister: “Don’t you think I should pray for Barack Obama as the leader of our country, regardless of politics?” Parishioner: “No, I think you should pray for the country.”

We went recently to a wonderful Afghan restaurant, Kabul on State Street n Madison, WI. Our waiter was from Afghanistan. He saw my Marine cap and told me it was a privilege to serve a veteran. Turns out he has a degree in economics, works for a company that advises the Army on Afghanistan. We ask to buy a loaf of their wonderful Afghan flatbread. He gave it to me, no charge, for my service.

Leftists worship Che Guevara as a hero, only because Hitler, Staling, Mao, Pol Pot and other socialist murders were already taken.

How about, instead of a voter ID, you must show proof that you paid Federal Income Taxes to vote?

You must always remember that the media is, first and last, a profit-driven business, just like Bain Capital, regardless of any political leaning, conservative or liberal. When the choice is between doing what is right, ethical or decent and doing what sells advertising, copies or airtime, selling will win 99% of the time. Ignore their self-righteous protestations of acting for the public good.

Do you notice how many third world thug gangs have words like “peace” and “justice” in their names, but guns in their hands?

Some of the great lessons on leadership I had in the Marines came from a few bad leaders who taught me what not to do.

People who think Obama is a Muslim are nuts. He doesn’t recognize any god higher than himself.

One nice thing about having a President Romney is we’ll be able to disagree with his policies without being called racists.

Extremist. n. Someone who thinks the country should live within its means as the citizens have to live.

You disagree with me? You’re indulging in HATE SPEECH!

If you have materials you need people to review for a meeting, and you send them early, they will postpone reviewing them because they have plenty of time, then forget. If you send them close to the meeting, they won’t review because “you didn’t give them enough time.” If you’re lucky, some will skim them on the plane in.

Whenever I put on a jacket in the fall for the first time, I check the pockets, hoping a forgotten $5 will turn up. But usually all I find is a handkerchief that needs the laundry. Once, however, I tried on a Harris Tweed sport coat in a consignment shop and felt a bulge in the inside pocket. I pulled out a lacy, large-cup red bra, to the embarrassment of the shop owner. I was sorry the jacket didn’t fit—I figured it was lucky.

Strong emotions lead to bad decisions. Doesn’t help much to know that, though.

If Romney is elected, will he fix the economy or spend four years blaming Obama?

Note to political aides: Curing at the media, however deserved, makes you and your candidate the issue, not the real issue. Don’t do it.

Any day now, the media will call Romney’s failure to concede the election, which they have already called for Obama, a “gaffe.”

If I understand the current state of things, giving an under-age child an aspirin without parental consent gets you sued, but an abortion is fine.

Since slavery is recognized by the Qur'an and was practiced by Mohammad, who according to Islam is the perfect example of conduct for all people, is not banning slavery offensive to Muslims? Is not banning it Islamophobic? 

If the Redskins are playing the New England Patriots, who will native American woman-of-color Liz Warren cheer for?

I think we should start a movement to all declare ourselves minorities on the census, applications, etc. on the basis of “family lore” as per Liz Warren.

I think biased polls now count as attack ads.

I wish the President had been as concerned about “bumps in the road” in Libya as “bumps in the road” in the NFL.

Just because you call someone a racist because you don’t like their positions does not, in fact, make them a racist. Even if you are black.

One leader can take five seconds to have a “good idea” that can takes weeks or years of effort to carry out by those given the task of doing so. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t actually a good idea. But that doesn’t change the logistics, physics or time constraints.

Obama—the Paltering President.

Funny that Obama had more to say about the NFL refs strike than the Chicago teachers strike.

When the president can’t sleep, it should be over the economy and the foreign policy troubles, not poll numbers and fund raising totals. Or golf scores.

One nice thing about being on so many sucker lists is all the free guilt gifts I get: Mailing labels, note pads, pens, calendars, nickels, dollar bills (never dimes or quarters, though). Even a couple of nice tote bags. I don’t send them any money unless I was already going to.

I don’t like fake leather, fake flowers or fake boobs.

My wife having relocated to our Wisconsin condo, she asked me to bring up her shoes and purses. I was stunned to discover she had more of each than some small, third-world countries.

In the Democrat-run cities, a death certificate counts as Voter ID.

I'm so clueless. All this time, I thought "WTF" stood for "Wine Tastes Fine."

I tell myself that hunger is the uncomfortable feeling you get when your body is eating its own fat. Not sure it’s true, but it helps.

The “Green-on-Blue” attacks in Afghanistan wouldn’t happen if it was the other way around. If people were murdering Taliban fighters, they would round up and execute the killer’s entire extended family. Not saying this is right, or what we should do, just an advantage the barbarians have over us.

It wouldn’t totally surprise me if it turned out our personnel in Libya were killed with guns supplied by Eric Withholder’s DOJ.

It never hurts to remind a vender of goods or services that there are other venders.

I'm now being followed on Twitter by the Islamic Conference of North America. If they don't like something I post, they can come by my house at 1600 Pennsyl...

I do everything fast. I can relax more in ten minutes than most people can in an hour. Then I get bored.

The way things are going, in five years un-ripped jeans will be considered formal wear.


Robert A. Hall is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic.
For a free PDF of the book, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at)

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