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Political Digest for May 23, 2012

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Worth Reading: Big Lies in Politics. By Thomas Sowell.
Excerpt: The fact that so many successful politicians are such shameless liars is not only a reflection on them, it is also a reflection on us. When the people want the impossible, only liars can satisfy them, and only in the short run. The current outbreaks of riots in Europe show what happens when the truth catches up with both the politicians and the people in the long run.

43 Catholic institutions file suits over HHS mandate
Excerpt: Today's Roman Catholic calendar lists May 21st as the feast day of St. Christopher Magallanes, a martyr killed for celebrating Mass during the Cristero War in Mexico. Perhaps Catholics today may want to recall St. Thomas More -- the patron saint of lawyers, who was executed for refusing to agree to a mandate that gave Henry VIII the prerogative of defining religious expression in England. Dozens of Catholic institutions filed lawsuits today against the Department of Health and Human Services over its mandate and its narrow definition of religious practice: (OK, now we really see the US Catholic Church in action. At long, long last, and in some ways, overdue. But better late than never, and now they can lead in the fight against the manipulation and limitation of religious organizations in this free nation. It's important to understand this is NOT just about Catholics, it's about the right to practice your religious precepts freely. This Administration is exempting Muslims from partaking in the plan because it's against their religious beliefs about insurance, but has no tolerance for a Christian religion? Definitely time to stand and fight, in the same spirit the Founders did. –Del. Fight liberal Catholophobism! ~Bob.)

Dem-backed law may be downfall of Obama birth control mandate
Excerpt: The biggest legal threat to the White House’s birth control mandate could come from a decades-old law that was championed by liberal Democrats, according to legal experts. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) has been mentioned in nearly all of the more than 30 lawsuits pending against President Obama’s administration over the mandate. One, filed by the University of Notre Dame on Monday, cited RFRA’s protections in the first paragraph.

Washington Post uses 1857 Mormon massacre in Romney hit piece
Excerpt: Most may not recall the Sept. 11, 1857 Mountain Meadows massacre, where a group of Mormons tricked, then killed 120 men, women and children who were making their way to California looking for a better life. Now that a Mormon is running to be President of the United States, the massacre that was the subject of a 2007 movie, "September Dawn," is making its' way into presidential politics, courtesy of the so-called "mainstream media." (Remember--bringing up the church where Barack Obama went for 20 years without hearing the racist, anti-American ravings of its pastor is off limits. Bring up something that other Mormons did long before Romney's father was born? Fair game. This is like using Obama's Kenyan ancestors against him. They are getting desperate, and when that happens, evil people do evil things. ~Bob.)

The Truth about the Nakba
Excerpt: As Palestinians and their myriad supporters swarm the streets and universities with their flags and slogans marking the anniversary of their failure to deliver the Jews of Palestine into a more permanent exile, it is instructive to ponder what might have befell the Yishuv and their future generations if they had followed the world’s advice and not finally defended themselves in the early spring of 1948 after some four months of attacks and the near starvation of Jerusalem. In doing so, it is no less useful to remember another momentous event that shares the Palestinians’ nakba anniversary: the fall of Etzion Bloc, where the consequences awaiting a defeated Yishuv were brought home to one and all. (Abba Eban's famous statement, "The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity" applies especially to the so-called "nakba" of the Palestinians. Had the Arabs accepted the partition of Palestine in 1947, had they not started a terror war during the last days of the mandate, had they not sent armies to annihilate the Jews after Israel's declaration of statehood, the Arabs would have been a majority of the population of the Jewish state on its first day. The article below documents those days and the mostly voluntary or opportunistic flight of the Arabs of what became Israel. Even with the immediate influx of Jewish survivors from Europe, the Arabs of Israel would have been a majority or near majority. It could also be argued that if the Arabs had accepted a Jewish state, had they not sponsored pogroms against the jess in their own countries, the immigration nearly a million Middle Eastern Jews to Israel might never have happened or might have happened on a much smaller scale. Given demographic trends and the absence of wars in the ensuing 64 years, surely the Arabs of Israel would be the majority or numerous enough to have forced a state whose institutions and character would certainly be different that it is today. And of course, they would still have had their Palestinian state--if the Jordanian's and Syrians would have let them have it. The nakba was made by the Arabs themselves. They could not accept some kind of pluralism in which Islam would not have a legally dominant position. Thus, the Palestinians and the entire Arab have created a fantasy of eviction and have nurtured a culture of victimhood to this day. Their nakba could well have averted by accepting the concept of a Jewish homeland on their indigenous territory in the larger Arab world. Cordially, Larry Greenberg)
Excerpt: Obama administration officials may have pressured government contractors to change job loss estimates associated with coal regulations, audio recordings reveal. The tapes show that unnamed officials with the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement asked government contractors to change their calculations of job losses associated with the Stream Protection Rule. A preliminary draft of an environmental impact statement estimated that up to 7,000 coalminers could lose their jobs under the administration’s “preferred” regulation. After a leaked copy of the report went public, officials asked the contractors to compare job estimates to a model in which another regulation was enforced, rather than the real world numbers.

Qaeda Ally Says Yemen Bomb Was Payback for Attacks
Excerpt: A huge suicide bombing in the heart of Yemen’s capital Monday left more than 100 people dead and hundreds wounded, stunning the country’s beleaguered government and delivering a stark setback to the American counterterrorism campaign against Al Qaeda’s regional franchise, which has repeatedly tried to plant bombs on United States-bound jetliners.

Mali Mob Assaults President After Pact
Excerpt: The interim president of Mali was set upon by angry protesters who stormed the presidential palace on Monday, grabbed him by the collar and beat him on the head into unconsciousness, officials said. The president, Dioncounda TraorĂ©, was released from a hospital later in the day, said Cheikh Mohammed Thiam, the spokesman for Mr. TraorĂ©’s political party, the Alliance for Democracy in Mali.

North Korea to boost nuclear deterrent after U.S. pressure
Excerpt: Isolated North Korea stepped up its war of words against the United States on Tuesday, vowing to boost its nuclear deterrent after Washington warned Pyongyang of further sanctions if it did not abandon its atomic program.

The Euro End Game. By John H. Makin
Excerpt: Key points in this Outlook: German deflationary policies are
inflicting economic pain throughout Europe—most notably in Southern Europe—and the resulting leftist political backlash has put the euro in danger. Greece’s probable exit from the eurozone will have a contagious effect on the rest of Europe, as well as the world
economy. If Germany refuses to lead Europe toward fiscal union and to accept higher inflation, the results could be a fragmented eurozone, a collapsed European financial system, and a deflationary shock in Germany.

Excerpt: No matter that Americans aged 55 and over are the only group that over the past decade has shown an increase in employment (8.9 million) and in labor force participation rate (5.7 percentage points). No matter that nationally, the unemployment rate, at 6.6 percent, was lowest for those 55+ in 2011, and that those older workers have experienced the smallest increase during the recession.

Worth Reading: Obama is not that bright. By Jack Kelly
Excerpt: Barack Obama is the smartest man with the highest IQ ever to be elected to the presidency, historian Michael Beschloss told radio talk show host Don Imus in November of 2008. "So what is his IQ?" Mr. Imus asked. Mr. Beschloss didn't know. He was just assuming.

True Tweet from Jon G.@ExJon
All the progs screeching over @corybooker's heresy? Last week they were whining that conservatives were too intolerant of Dick Lugar.

Excerpt: The Great One, Sir Barack Hussein Obama, will replace the bumbling, buffoonish Mr. Biden with Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, maybe at the Democratic convention, maybe just before, in a last-ditch effort to win re-election. (Don’t know how much faith to put in this, but there’s no question that Obama would put Biden under the motor coach with Wright, Ayers and a host of others if he saw an advantage for Obama. ~Bob.)

Soldier gets his guns: Congress needs to reform District’s property seizure laws
Excerpt: The active duty soldier who had his guns confiscated by the District of Columbia two years ago will have his property returned by Memorial Day. It took the help of a high-powered lawyer, two U.S. Senators, a member of Congress and national publicity to force the obstinate District to show some respect for the Constitution. It should never happen again.

Gas station clerk critical after being set on fire
Excerpt: A 76-year-old convenience store clerk remains in critical condition at Parkland Memorial Hospital’s burn unit after she was set on fire during a robbery Sunday morning.
Police said Matthew Lee Johnson, 36, arrived at the Fina Whip-In at the corner of Broadway and
Colonel Drive
in Garland shortly after the store opened at 7 a.m. Sunday. Officers said he carried in a bottle of flammable liquid and used it douse the clerk and then set her on fire — after clearing out the cash register.

Man accused of stabbing random Dallas shopper
Excerpt: A Dallas man remains in jail after police say he randomly stabbed a shopper inside a Target store. Police say Antowann Davis, 30, walked into the Target on
Marsh Lane
around 9:15 p.m. Thursday and took a butcher knife out of its packaging in the kitchen department. Martha Jones, 29, said she was browsing inside the store when Davis walked past her and shoved the knife into her lower back. (Both cases below happened in the last week in the Dallas, TX area. Both perpetrators were black men and both of the victims were white women. Both crimes were unprovoked attacks and if ever there was a 'hate' crime; these qualify. The stories don't mention the black on white aspect and I researched both; reading several stories. These animals will be treated well and given tax paid attorneys...wanna take bets on whether either one serves more than a couple of years? --Debbie. Obama made himself responsible for these crimes when he said "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin." --Don Hank. “Justice for Trayvon,” I suppose? No statements from Obama, Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton about the much higher rate of black on white crime. ~Bob.)

Woman attacked while ordering lunch at McDonald's drive-thru
Excerpt: "She was right in my window just punching me in my face, pulling my hair," Shannon said. "She started biting on my hands so severely. I thought she was gonna bite 'em off, actually." … "He said, 'This is for you, you white b----. This is a grape soda.' And then they took off," Shannon said. (Any chance Obama will ask for some national soul searching on this particular case? Probably not... Todd Starnes.)

Media Demands Hands Off Rev. Wright While Launching Assault On Mormonism
Excerpt: But while the corrupt media was putting Republicans and Romney on defense over what should be a political liability for Barack Obama, that very same media was and is beating Romney senseless with his Mormonism.

The Danger of Article 82 and Obama's Latest Treaty
Excerpt: Back in 1982, President Ronald Reagan decided not to sign a treaty known as "Law of the Sea" (LOST), a United Nations convention that would raid America's treasury for billions of dollars, then redistribute that wealth to the rest of the world by an international bureaucracy headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica. But today, the Obama Administration has revived that treaty, and tomorrow Senator John Kerry (D-MA) will hold hearings designed to illustrate its supposed benefits and generate support for its ratification. Without a doubt, Reagan's decision should stand, and LOST should remain relegated to the trash bin of history.

The green jobs Obama may destroy
Excerpt: It turns out some “greens jobs” are more equal than others. The Obama Commerce Department last week moved to slap 31 percent tariffs on solar panels imported from China. That may prop up failing US panel-makers like Solyndra, which have received hundreds of millions in taxpayer support — but it’s a blow to the industry that’s installing panels in US homes. The residential solar industry is doubling in size each year and creating tens of thousands of jobs. But apparently it’s not as important in the administration’s eyes as domestic panel-manufacturers.

Who Is Barack Obama? The Question that Won’t Go Away
Excerpt: As I say, last time around, general infatuation guaranteed that Obama got more or less a free pass from the legacy media. I suspect there will be much more curiosity as the summer progresses and we get into the campaign. For one thing, the nimbus of inviolability around Obama has been seriously breached. (No matter where he was born—or even if he was hatched or decanted—no one should be able to run for election (or re-election) to the presidency without most of his basic information being available and verifiable by an average school-child. While the MSM largely failed the public in 2008 by not doing the background search we traditionally rely on it to do, this time may be different. More and more people turn to sources like TOJ for their real news even as newspaper and TV audiences are shrinking rapidly. Why? Because the MSM produces and passes on so little real news. I enjoyed Nightline when it was a news show; not so much, now that it is a glorified People Magazine of the airwaves. It ought to be in the Entertainment division, not News. Maybe if they return to bringing us real news, we’ll start watching again. Try a little competition to find and report the facts, MSM. --Ron P.)

If It Hits the Fan
Excerpt: Probably more than anything else, though, they may know that the George W. Bush-era income-tax cuts will be eliminated both for earners above and below the $250,000 level if not renewed by Dec. 31. They also may know that some significant spending cuts will automatically be made, unless Congress takes action, that will cut defense and nondefense funding pretty much evenly. Of course, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, the real drivers in the increase of federal spending, are exempted from those cuts. (Charlie Cook has been called many things, but I’ve never heard him called an alarmist. He’s clearly worried in this article. When you read it, especially see the two paragraphs just below what I excerpted. Cook also sees plenty of blame to share around to all parties. He may be correct. --Ron P.)

Democrats limp to finish line in Wisconsin
Excerpt: What seemed a few months ago like an unstoppable crusade to oust Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker now has the look of a marathon runner pulling up limp in the last mile. Two weeks from Election Day, Democrats face the real prospect of defeat: The last three public polls of the race show the first-term Republican up between 4 and 9 points.

Why the Walker Recall Could Backfire on Democrats
Excerpt: Last year, Democrats went to great lengths to demonize the early agenda of freshman Republican governors like Walker, Chris Christie in New Jersey and John Kasich in Ohio. (…) Fast forward a year later and Christie's numbers are in the high 50s (in a Democratic state) and even Kasich's numbers are on the rise. (…) Meanwhile, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who took on labor in their home states, boast strong job approval ratings and are mentioned as leading running mate choices for Mitt Romney.

N.C. Teacher Suspended For Hectoring Students About Respecting Obama. By John Sexton
Excerpt: Yesterday, Breitbart News reported a story about a North Carolina high school teacher who began screaming at students who dared to criticize President Obama. Today, the teacher in question, Tanya Dixon-Neely, was suspended with pay by the school. (To hector someone is to bully or torment per Wikipedia… --Barb.)

Bain Backfire: Obama Camp in ‘Full Damage Control Mode’
Excerpt: But Booker isn't the only Democrat already tired and made uncomfortable by Obama's divisive attacks on the risk-takers who create the jobs and this country's wealth. Below you'll see an ad the Romney campaign released today with more Democrats going "off-script" on the subject of Bain -- an ad that not only proves Romney already has a rapid response team up and running, but that it's a very effective rapid response team. If Obama loses the Bain Capital battle, he'll probably lose the election.

Obama allows your children to go swimming for one more summer
Excerpt: Last week, news was made as today’s deadline approached for commercial and municipal swimming pool owners to install means, by which disabled swimmers could enter the nation’s swimming pools. It is the kind of regulation that would make a great punch line for the conservative version of the Daily Show, if conservatives were that funny. The Obama Administration has recently construed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Standards for Accessible Design to apply to the act of swimming….

Obama tops $1 billion in career political contributions. By Neil Munro
Excerpt: The Obama campaign has taken in $58.9 million from retired Americans and $58 million from law firms, including his former employer in Chicago. It has also collected $29.8 million from the education sector, $19.8 million from Wall Street’s securities and investment industry and $16 million from the health care sector. (Puts him in the One Percent of political fundraisers. ~Bob.)

Purple Hearts for Fort Hood Victims Listed as Reason for Obama Veto Threat. By Bridget Johnson
Excerpt: Before leaving for the Memorial Day recess, the House set up a showdown with President Obama and the Senate with Friday’s passage of the National Defense Authorization Act. Three days before the $642.5 billion spending bill passed 299-120, the Office of Management and Budget released a statement of administration policy on the bill, threatening a veto if numerous provisions remained in the legislation. (This legislation also contains recommendation to allow propaganda by US government on US citizens using our tax dollars, though already being done through various agencies courtesy of Michelle with food/health/ saturation ads aimed at youth using Disney on TV and radio. –Barb.)

Dr. Orwell Will See You Now: Don’t be fooled by their health care Newspeak. By Paul Hsieh
Excerpt: But in their discussions of health care, the Obama administration and their political allies have elevated the deceptive use of language to new heights. Consider the very title of the ObamaCare law, “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” New estimates from the Congressional Budget Office show that ObamaCare will cost $1.76 trillion over 10 years, nearly double the earlier estimated $940 billion. Rather than being “affordable,” ObamaCare will worsen our massive budget deficit.

Test of Fire
Catholic ad for election 2012.

Bangladesh teacher 'burns' legs of girl pupils. By Anbarasan Ethirajan
Excerpt: Police in Bangladesh are looking for a teacher from a Muslim religious school who allegedly placed burning hot iron rods on the legs of her students for failing to offer prayers regularly. They say 14 girls, aged between eight and 12, received burn injuries.

Honor killing in the UK: Muslim parents "murdered their Westernised teenage daughter in front of her sister because they thought she was bringing shame on the family"
Excerpt: Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide. A manual of Islamic law certified as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam, says that "retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right." However, "not subject to retaliation" is "a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring's offspring." ('Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2). In other words, someone who kills his child incurs no legal penalty under Islamic law.

Former Pakistani Lawmaker Denounces Secular Education for Women, Justifies Honor Killings: "Killing of Women In the Name of Honor Is a 'Local Custom and Religious Practice,'" Warns Female Western NGO Staff that They will Be Captured and Given Away as Brides
Excerpt: In a Friday sermon, former Pakistani lawmaker and prominent Islamic cleric Maulana Abdul Haleem justified honor killings of women who opt for secular education, and has threatened to forcibly marry off female staff of secular non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who visit the district of Kohistan to work with women's education, health, and other welfare projects.

Pakistani Women Writers Denounce Islamic Clerics' Fatwas Against Women's Use Of Cell Phones And Access To Secular Education
Excerpt: Fouzia Saeed: "A Fatwa Was Announced In A Mosque On May 11, Stating That Any Woman Using A Cell Phone Will Have Acid Thrown In Her Face"

40% Now Say Trayvon Martin Shot in Self-Defense; 24% Say It Was Murder
Excerpt: As evidence continues to emerge from the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, Americans are becoming more convinced that his killer acted in self-defense and that the legal system will come to that conclusion. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 24% of American Adults still believe the man who shot Martin should be found guilty of murder. (Jury better convict or holder will send the NBP party thugs for them. ~Bob.)

Bundler of Sunshine: Obama bundler’s husband has received more than a billion in DOE solar loans
Excerpt: New disclosures show that one of President Obama’s bundlers is the wife of an executive at an energy company that received a more-than-$1.2 billion Department of Energy (DOE) loan guarantee for a solar power plant. Arvia Few is a bundler for the Obama re-election campaign who has promised to raise between $50,000 and $100,000. She began bundling for Obama in the first quarter of 2012. Her husband, Jason Few, is an executive at a company that has benefited handsomely from the Obama administration’s clean energy spending, records show.

HHS signs $20M PR contract to promote healthcare law
Excerpt: The Health and Human Services Department has signed a $20 million contract with a public-relations firm to highlight part of the Affordable Care Act. The new, multimedia ad campaign is designed to educate the public about how to stay healthy and prevent illnesses, an HHS official said. (Your tax dollars at work, helping to reelect Obama. ~Bob.)

Examiner Editorial: Trial lawyers find a new and lucrative place to sue
Excerpt: So far in his administration, President Obama has promulgated 106 major regulations that place a total annual burden of $46 billion on the U.S. economy. This burden is five times as great as what his predecessor, George W. Bush, imposed in his first three years. (Well, Trial Lawyers contribute big bucks to Democrats. Only fair they get rewarded at everyone’s expense. ~Bob.)

A new kind of Republican? By Jonathan Karl

Is the Obama Campaign Collapsing and Liberalism With It? By Gary DeMar
Excerpt: Even so, there seems to be some cracks in the foundation of liberal unity. Liberals rarely criticize other liberals. This is beginning to change as the following examples show. (Think this falls into the category of “wishful thinking.” ~Bob.)

Climate Conference: ‘Real Science. Real Choices’
Excerpt: The 7th annual International Climate Change Conference sponsored by the Heartland Institute got underway in Chicago on Monday in the shadow of the NATO meeting being held just a few blocks away. Cognizant that the thousands of protestors running around the Loop might get bored protesting NATO and look for another target to vent their wrath, conference organizers issued a unique warning to conference goers in the welcome packet given to each attendee:

Elizabeth Warren MIA in Central Mass
Excerpt: Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is missing in action from Central Mass, and that decision is hurting her campaign. Warren, who has yet to establish a campaign office in Worcester County, is losing the battle for money and votes to incumbent Senator Scott Brown. Brown, who established his MassVictory office in Worcester two months ago, has garnered four times the financial support from Central Mass. voters than Warren. (Clearly planning to play to Democratic strength in the major cities where the impact of the public unions is more concentrated. It might work in a general election even though it didn't in the special two years ago. Ron P.)

Iran Nuclear Talks: Deal Reached On Nuclear Weapons Probe, UN Nuclear Chief Says
Excerpt: After talks in Tehran between Amano and chief Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili, "the decision was made... to reach agreement" on the mechanics of giving the IAEA access to sites, scientists and documents it seeks to restart its probe," Amano told reporters at Vienna airport after his one-day trip to Tehran. Amano said differences existed on "some details," without elaborating but added that Jalili had assured him that these "will not be an obstacle to reach agreement." He spoke of "an almost clean text" that will be signed soon, although he could not say when. (Translated into English, this means they’ve agreed to agree—but without specifying what they’ll agree on—at some future—but unspecified—time. Why does this feel like trying to get a straight answer from a lawyer for a guilty defendant who’s out on bail and wants to delay the trial he knows his client will be convicted at? Western diplomats are supposed to take it seriously, though. Ron P.)

Elizabeth Warren’s true American lineage. By Bernie Quigley
Excerpt: Elizabeth Warren might be excused for wanting to be Native American. She can claim an old American soul, going back generations in Oklahoma. In the heartland it is almost universal for those who have been there for a few generations to claim Indian blood; that is, to wish it were there even if it isn't. It is not so much a lie as it is the acculturation of personal and regional American myth; the fabric of old-soul American consciousness. (Elizabeth Warren's defenders are now reduced to arguing that she is an Indian in "mythical" terms. -- Eric Fehrnstrom. My Grandmother told us my Grandfather Hall was 1/4 Cree, making me 1/16 if true. But no employer ever claimed diversity victim benefits for me as a “person of color.” ~Bob.)

West: President Obama's release of a known Hezbollah terrorist is an "utter betrayal"
Excerpt: Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today after sending a letter to President Barack Obama condemning the Administration's release of a known Hezbollah terrorist responsible for the murder of an Army officer and four other service members: "It is with great disappointment and concern that I write to President Barack Obama today with regards to Ali Musa Daqduq and the decision by the Administration to release this madman to an Iraqi court, who in turn set this known terrorist free.

RNC Catches Obama Campaign In Booker Lie, Coverup
Excerpt: In a blistering new ad, the Republican National Committee catches the Obama Campaign lying to the press about their influence in strong-arming Newark Mayor Cory Booker into taking back his criticism of President Obama's attack on Bain Capital.

51% of Voters Want US Troops Out of Europe
Excerpt: The Rasmussen polling organization is out with a shock poll that the entire Washington establishment needs to study: 51 percent of voters surveyed said they wanted all US troops out of Europe, now. Only 29 percent favored keeping the troops where they are.

Excerpt: The small but vocal New Black Panther Party is woefully disappointed in President Barack Obama, and is openly implying that the best way to reach its goals is no longer through “the ballot” but through “the bullet.”

Counterfeit Chinese Parts Slipping Into U.S. Military Aircraft: Report
Excerpt: A year-long investigation conducted by the Senate Armed Services Committee found more than one million suspected counterfeit parts made their way into the Department of Defense's supply chain and were bound for use by "critical" military systems, according to the 70-plus-page document released Monday. In addition to Navy helicopters and surveillance planes, the parts were slated to be put into the Air Force's newest cargo planes.

Give the Oscar back: New study shows the financial crisis wasn’t an ‘Inside Job.’ By James Pethokoukis
Excerpt: A new study from the Federal Reserve banks of Atlanta and Boston, “Why Did So Many People Make So Many Ex Post Bad Decisions? The Causes of the Foreclosure Crisis,” argues that the housing collapse and financial crisis wasn’t caused by the greatest grift of all time:

Obama's Second Term Transformation Plans. By Steve McCann
Excerpt: The 2012 election has often been described as the most pivotal since 1860. This statement is not hyperbole. If Barack Obama is re-elected the United States will never be the same, nor will it be able to re-capture its once lofty status as the most dominant nation in the history of mankind. (A great article, really shows you how that promise of Obama's to "radically transform America" has been kept and how it could keep on going. --Del)

Yemeni Jewish Community Leader Murdered
Excerpt: A leader of the Yemeni Jewish community was stabbed to death in that nation's capital after a Muslim man accused him of witchcraft, the Jerusalem Post reports. The incident is the latest in a series of incidents around the Arab world which have threatened and uprooted the region's small remaining Jewish communities. Yehya Zindani, the son of murderer leader Aharon Zindani, described the attacker as a "well-known person who says my father has ruined and bewitched him."

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