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Political Digest for May 21, 2012

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Mayor uses billionaire conservative Joe Ricketts to show how political pressure is applied the Chicago Way. By John Kass
Excerpt: With so much going on in Chicago this weekend, it's amazing that Mayor Rahm Emanuel has the time to teach NATO delegates a lesson on the use of power politics. But the man is a teacher indeed. He isn't teaching the world leaders to sing in perfect harmony. The Rahmfather is teaching another kind of politics. The kind that brings influential people to their knees.

CAIR Officials Demonize America on Iranian TV
Good citizens criticize their country and its leaders INSIDE the country. They don't air their grievances to a regime whose slogan is "Death to America." Moreover, if the US was indeed at war with Islam and is hostile to Muslims, why do we let them enter the country and give them the same right to attain citizenship as any other legal immigrant? Their right to free speech is certainly not being suppressed. There is certainly no observable trend of profiling and jailing them. Why come here if you reject the society and its culture? Could it be that CAIR is practicing jihad by means of propaganda? Our laws and the current political climate allow such behavior without consequence. Cordially, Larry Greenberg

64% Prefer a Government With Fewer Services and Lower Taxes
Excerpt: Most voters continue to prefer a more hands-off government in return for lower taxes. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 64% of Likely U.S. Voters prefer a government with fewer services and lower taxes over one with more services and higher taxes. That's unchanged from last month and consistent with findings in regular surveys since late 2006. Just 25% prefer a government with more services. Eleven percent (11%) are not sure which size government they prefer. (Unfortunately, my experience with five terms in the Massachusetts state senate ids that when people say they want lower spending, they mean on programs that benefit others. They want more spending on programs that benefit them or that they believe in. Every dollar the government spends has a constituency that lobbies for it as a vital service. ~Bob.)

Man who had 30 kids with 11 women wants child-support break
Your tax dollars at work. ~Bob. Excerpt: The 33-year-old Knoxville, Tenn., resident has reportedly set a Knox County record for his ability to reproduce. He has 30 children with 11 women. And nine of those children were born in the last three years, after Hatchett -- who is something of a local celebrity -- vowed "I'm done!" in a 2009 TV interview, saying he wouldn't father more children.

KANSAS: Muslims demand Governor Sam Brownback veto anti-sharia bill that was passed by the State Legislature and Senate
Excerpt: Hamas-linked CAIR and about 25 Muslims attended a rally Friday at the Statehouse urging Kansas Governor Sam Brownback to veto a bill banning foreign (anti-sharia) laws that they say actually is an attack on Islam. (See, it would take away their Allah-given rights to stone rape victims, hang gay folks, murder anyone who leaves Islam, beat their four wives or marry nine-year-olds, also protected in Shari'a Law. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Its elected officials have been embroiled in some of the most sensational scandals of the past few decades, including the Keating Five, AzScam and the alt-fuels fiasco. One governor was impeached and removed from office while another resigned after being found guilty of bank and wire fraud. A former U.S. congressman from Arizona has been awaiting trial for years on charges including extortion, embezzlement and money laundering.

The real curse of the Kennedys: It’s their treatment of women. By Maureen Callahan
Excerpt: Along with their waning power, wealth, privilege and prestige, here’s another element of the Camelot mystique that needs to be extinguished: the myth of “The Kennedy Curse.” It’s almost a reflexive national reaction when we hear of yet another Kennedy dying too young, so of course it was invoked again last week, when news broke that Mary Richardson Kennedy, the estranged 52-year-old wife of Robert Kennedy Jr., had hung herself in her barn on Wednesday. A curse, however, implies supernatural intervention by vengeful gods jealous of mortal youth, beauty, brilliance.

Excerpt: This island off the course of northwest Europe is turning out to be an excellent viewing platform for three blockbuster shows this summer: Queen Elizabeth’s 60th anniversary Jubilee, the London Olympics and the implosion of Europe. The group of countries using the euro as a joint currency is “a burning building with no exits,” says Britain’s foreign minister William Hague.

Saw a great bumper sticker that said:
"Driver Of This Vehicle Carries No Cash - Obama Already Took It." --Harry.

Excerpt: The Alabama Legislature scored a huge victory on Friday, as Gov. Robert Bentley reluctantly signed immigration law H.B. 658 – after legislators refused to “moderate” provisions Bentley (and open-borders activists) had complained were too “harsh” against illegal aliens.

Obama’s God Complex Changing History and Destroying a Nation
Excerpt: I’m sixty years old and I’ve seen my share of politicians. I’ve even had the opportunity to sit on committee with some. I’ve seen politicians that I would entrust my life to and I’ve seen others that were so arrogant and self-centered that I wouldn’t trust them with the key to the bathroom.

UK: Imam misunderstands Islam, says it allows a Muslim man to have as many concubines as he wants
No wonder so many politicians support Islam. According to this Islamic scholar in the UK, Islam allows a man to have as many concubines as he wants, in addition to his four wives. I'm surprised Bill Clinton hasn't made the declaration of faith. ~Bob.

Dan Walters: California has reason to worry about its business climate
Excerpt: The Los Angeles Times published an article last week about Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad's efforts to recruit California businesses to his state, citing complaints about California's business climate. Gov. Jerry Brown's spokesman, Gil Duran, told the Times in response, "This is a Republican myth that is often repeated yet simply not true. Reputable studies have shown that businesses are not fleeing the state for the cold, empty and desolate hinterlands." The response typified the Capitol's dismissive attitude toward any suggestion that we have become economically uncompetitive.

Obama the heartless CEO?
Excerpt: After an unscheduled detour into gay marriage, the Obama campaign was back on its main class warfare theme this week with an ad attacking Mitt Romney and private equity. The ad bashed Romney’s Bain Capital for taking a steel company into bankruptcy in 2001 and cutting 750 jobs (never mind that Romney had left the firm in 1999 – or that Bain managing director Jonathan Lavine, a top Obama fundraiser was, in fact, at the firm when GST Steel declared bankruptcy).

Obama: Stop Condescending to Women
Excerpt: WHEN I listen to President Obama speak to and about women, he sometimes sounds too paternalistic for my taste. In numerous appearances over the years — most recently at the Barnard graduation — he has made reference to how women are smarter than men. It’s all so tired, the kind of fake praise showered upon those one views as easy to impress.

NC Teacher Screams at Student: It’s Criminal to Criticize Obama. By Ben Shapiro 
Excerpt: A YouTube video uploaded on Monday afternoon apparently shows a schoolteacher from the Rowan-Salisbury school district in North Carolina informing a student that failing to be respectful of President Obama is a criminal offense. Breitbart News has uncovered that the student is a high school junior, and that the teacher is apparently one Tanya Dixon-Neely… (Are we in N. Korea already?--Barb.)

New information emerges on attack on MacDill soldier
Excerpt: New details are emerging about the beating and robbery of a soldier as Tampa police continue to search for two more suspects. Officers on Friday arrested two suspects -- Robinson High School student Geroshe Lewis, 18; and Lerome Howard, 18 – but they're not being cooperative.

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