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Political Digest for January 8, 2012

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"You Picked a Fine Time to Lead Us, Barack" by Jonathan McWhite
Funny but too sadly true. A must listen satire. ~Bob.

An attempt at civility
Bob, I have been a follower of your site for several years and have recommended it to many of my friends. I would like to call your attention to a group called Civil Dialogue® that my brother has formed at Arizona State University. It is an attempt to bring back real discussion on political topics without the name calling and crassness that seems to permeate today's discussions. Although I have spent years trying to convince my brother that his political views are not "right" we have done so without losing respect for each other. I applaud his efforts and ASU for allowing and encouraging the forum. Keep up the great work and best of luck with your health. --Michael.

Decapitated body discovered west of Tucson
Excerpt: Pima County Sheriff's Department detectives are investigating the discovery of a decapitated body today west of Tucson. The victim's head was not located with the body. (Coming soon in greater numbers as Mexico's bloody drug war spills over the border we do not defend to buy Hispanic votes for Democrats. ~Bob.)

Illegal Aliens, Endless Health Care Bills
Excerpt: An illegal alien just completed 12 surgeries and a record 374-day stay in a Fresno hospital. For him, it was "free" health care. But for taxpayers, the hospital and patients who ultimately pay, it's another big bill. Marco Antonio Fuentes had high praise the staff at Community Regional Medical Center who heroically saved his life after he came down with necrotic pancreatitis, a condition that destroyed his intestines. A medical team there rebuilt his gastrointestinal tract, monitored his progress and provided the best of care to him for more than a year. And the cost? Somewhere in the millions, by all estimates. As an illegal immigrant, he didn't have to pay a thing. The taxpayers, the charity unit and the other patients will have to foot that bill. Fuentes didn't have a word of thanks for them.

U.S. Makes Its Case for Health Care Law
Excerpt: The Obama administration kicked off the Supreme Court case on health care reform by submitting a 130-page brief on Friday defending the 2010 law's most controversial feature -- its requirement that individuals buy health insurance. As they have argued in the lower courts, the government's lawyers say the mandate is constitutional because the law is permitted under the Constitution's Commerce Clause. They argue that because health care is a national market that everyone enters at some time, Congress should have the power to regulate the way that people finance the use of health care services. The mandate, they argue, is a "necessary and proper" part of that regulatory scheme, since other features of the law would not work without it. (I’m sure my position on this is known, so I’ll leave the real commenting to others. But, notice the headline use of “U.S.” implies the opposition isn’t ALSO part of the “U.S.” That’s why I call National Journal “center-left” and not simply “center.” We need courts because people of good will and intelligence can and do have differences of opinion regardless of their political affiliations. So do editors and reporters, obviously. Ron P.)

Why Islamism Is Winning By John M. Owen IV
Excerpt: EGYPT’S final round of parliamentary elections won’t end until next week, but the outcome is becoming clear. The Muslim Brotherhood will most likely win half the lower house of Parliament, and more extreme Islamists will occupy a quarter. Secular parties will be left with just 25 percent of the seats.

Obama Makes Fraudulent Affirmative Action Pick Head of Army Drill Sergeant School By Kevin "Coach" Collins
Excerpt: The Command Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army’s Drill Sergeant School (DSS) has been suspended from duty, and the Army is working overtime to smother the story. An investigative report by (MCC) has uncovered the story Army brass would love to keep secret. According to MCC, which specializing in exposing stories about our military the mainstream media and official channels won’t talk about, the Command Sergeant Major of the Army’s Drill Sergeant’s School (DSS) Teresa King has been charged with a variety of violations of Army regulations.

The Republican battle has begun. It's especially intensive this year.
Excerpt: Mitt Romney's victory in Iowa is underappreciated. It was a well-run campaign and no one thought the day of the Ames straw poll, in August, that it would happen. The victory of Rick Santorum is a pundit-humbler: No one saw that coming even six weeks ago, except perhaps Mr. Santorum. The Iowa results almost perfectly reflect the Republican Party, which, roughly speaking, is split into three parts—libertarians, social conservatives and moderate conservatives, who went for Ron Paul, Mr. Santorum and Mr. Romney respectively. The three parts of the party have been held together by agreement on three big issues: spending (which must be cut), taxing (which must be reformed), and President Obama (who must be removed). (Where do we fiscal-security conservatives fit in? ~Bob.)

The President'​s Risky Defense Strategy: Reducing ground forces and focusing on the Asia-Pacific region leaves us exposed to unanticipated threats By Mackubin Thomas Owens
Excerpt: The president has now outlined a strategy to guide the substantial cuts to the defense budget that will occur over the next decade. Those cuts are significant: at least $487 billion over the next decade, and twice that amount if the automatic spending reduction triggered by the failure of the deficit reduction super committee to reach an agreement goes into effect. The new strategy envisions a regional focus on the Asia-Pacific and a shift from a two-war capability to a "win-spoil" plan that maintains the capability to fight and win one regional war while spoiling the military aspirations of another adversary in a different theater. The Army will be reduced to 490,000 troops from 570,000 and the Marines to 175,000 from 202,000 over the next few years while air and naval assets will be maintained in order to optimize operations in Asia-Pacific, primarily a maritime theater. (If an enemy costs us 80k soldiers and 27K Marines, it would be the largest defeat in American history. ~Bob.)

Reason for hope on the Arab Spring By Amir Taheri
Excerpt: A year after the Tunisian uprising, opinion is divided over the revolts it inspired across the Middle East. Many in the West wonder whether the “Arab Spring” is heading for an “Islamist winter.” In Arab countries, too, pessimism is on the rise with some early leaders of the revolt regretting the regime changes they helped bring about. As it happens, pessimism about the Arabs’ ability to build free societies has been a feature of global political thinking for over two centuries. (And with good reason. Name a "free society" ever built by Arabs. ~Bob.)

Harry’s hypocrisy By Jonah Goldberg
Excerpt: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was a failed Watergate baby. In 1974, a slew of very liberal Democratic politicians rode the tide of understandable national disgust with Richard Nixon to Congress. Reid ran for the Senate, hoping to tie his opponent to the “imperial presidency” that had allegedly sprung upexnihilo under Nixon. Reid cast himself as an incorruptible champion of limited government and political honor. The New York Times reported that Reid “would cut government spending by reducing the maze of federal agencies, a bureaucracy that controls much of Nevada life and that, according to Mr. Reid, has become a dangerous fourth branch of government.” Reid has made some adjustments since he lost that election. Last year, he insisted that Congress had cut the federal government to the bone and could no further lest we hit such vital arteries of the body politic as the federally subsidized cowboy poetry festival in northern Nevada. (Thanks to the Tea Party, w nominated the weakest candidate against him and kept him in power. ~Bob.)

Diner closed after owner took pic of health violation-​issuing inspector By David Seifman
Excerpt: Making a health inspector so angry that he closes down your restaurant — there’s an app for that. The owner of the popular downtown diner George’s — where Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly have dined — wound up in hot water after he tried to skewer a city health inspector by recording his visit on an iPhone. When the inspector spotted owner Bill Koulmentas’ cellphone scheme, he quickly hit George’s with a slew of violations — totaling 65 points. (The more government, the les freedom as bureaucrats exercise arbitrary power. ~Bob.)

Rule Gives Illegal Immigrants a Break
Excerpt: The Obama administration said Friday that it would make it easier for illegal immigrants who are related to a U.S. citizen to seek legal U.S. residency, a rule change hailed by immigrant advocates and lambasted by those who favor strict policing of the borders. Currently, an illegal immigrant must apply for and receive a legal visa from his or her country of origin to rejoin a spouse or child in the U.S., a process that can take years. The Obama administration will modify that rule to enable the immigrant to remain in the U.S. for much of the process.

Excerpt: Are you having difficulty finding a doctor who will see you? If you are, brace yourself. Things are about to get a whole lot worse. Right now, the biggest problems are in Massachusetts. If you live in Boston and are trying to see a new family doctor, get prepared to wait more than two months before you ever get a foot in the door. For the state as a whole, the average wait to see a new family doctor is one month. More than half of all family doctors and more than half of all internists are not accepting new patients at all.

Hawker-Beech Sues to Block Embraer Air Force Contract
Excerpt: Doing some follow up on a story about the battle between Hawker-Beechcraft and the United States Air Force, concerning contracting rules that excluded them from bidding on a project that was eventually awarded to Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer. What caught our eye in this deal initially is the fact Obama’s puppet master, George Soros, the self proclaimed “owner of the democrat party” has ties to the Brazilian company.

Vietnam Memorial this morning

"Second Period of Islamic Power" by Patrick J. Buchanan
Excerpt: This year, clearly, one of the world's big winner was -- Islam. For this was the year when what Catholic apologist Hilaire Belloc​ predicted in 1938 would be the "second period of Islamic power" became manifest to all mankind.

LA Deputy Sheriff Shervin Lalezary, Iranian-American
Excerpt: Overnight, Tehran-born Iranian American Shervin Lalezary became an American cultural hero. The volunteer deputy sheriff of Los Angeles, California arrested the 24-year-old German alien arsonist Harry Burkhart–who is suspected of setting 53 fires in a four-day string of blazes that broke out in and around Los Angeles, causing over $3 million in damages. [UPDATE: "Harry Burkhart" was born to his criminal mother in Muslim Chechnya.]

Oh, you progressives are really going to enjoy the next Republican POTUS!
You Democrats are a short-sighted bunch. But that goes without saying, I suppose, since your philosophy of Utopianism has failed every time it's been tried throughout all of human history. But, I digress. The point is that Democrat Congressional leaders are allowing Barack Obama to absolutely shred Constitutional limits on the Executive Branch -- without so much as a whimper -- and it is destined to come back and haunt them. Consider the following hypothetical situation: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has retired and a seat on the Supreme Court is open. Late one night, President Santorum declares the Senate in recess. He appoints a new Supreme Court Justice who just happens to be Miguel Estrada, a wonderful originalist judge.

Rick Perry wants a name on Politico "you got a name?"
Nice to see a media type stuffed. ~Bob.

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