Sunday, February 20, 2011

Guest Post

The Obama Administration
Paul Rendine

Most Administrations reflect the characteristics of their President. As more and more characteristics of Obama are ascertained over time and his (or his Administration's public responses to that issue) are made public as known and published in a small number of essays by people who have known Obama for a long time, he is:

a. Very intelligent and knows (and believes) it to the point where his intellect always trumps his lack of any "real world" experience in too many areas, always over-rules even the more trusted and experienced counsel of many of his advisors, while his is always the final word on any issue.

b. Has a quick and none-too-subtle way of showing that temper even in his more-significant Cabinet meetings as to stifle most, if not all, future Cabinet members' comments, whether dissenting from his ideas, based on other knowledge and experiences, or adding to that discussion a bit different way of approaching that issue based on past knowledge or experiences.

c. Can also be quite arrogant and condescending to the dissenter's opposing view or ideas or even simply adding his or her experiences with that leader's or his or her country's actions or comments.

d. Can, as some have related, pepper his comments with decidedly salty language, especially when he talks against or for any issue that he feels passionate about.

e. And finally, especially because of his lack of any ‘real world’ experiences, he tends to, almost to a fault, fall back on the teachings of his more well-respected (by him) professors, most of whom have the ‘end all, be all’ utopian answers to help all people who will be made into only one ‘class’ that only more and bigger government can provide all of their needs (as decided by that big government) paid for by taxation of any and all operations that generate revenues, all of which must go to the state anyway since the state owns it all, anyway.

Translation: He acts like a very intelligent kid who must prove to all those adults that he really does deserve to be there.

I would add here, so much for McCain's comments during the campaign where he suggested that ‘being the POTUS is not a job description that lends itself at all to on-the-job training.’ Unfortunately, nobody was listening because they were still being dazzled by Obama's star power and oratorical skills, along with his campaign's rather brilliant mantra of ‘Change we can believe in.’ We got the change all right, but most of us are saying to ourselves - or anybody who will listen – ‘at what cost?’

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  1. I too can claim to be primarily a "bright kid":CalTech Honors at entrance,BS w/honors, MS,
    Ae.E., Ph.D. and 50+years as an effective engineer and manager as well as an Assistant Prof at UCLA and USAF officer. So blanking what?

    It is not Obama's strengths that got him to the White House. It is the combination of his strengths and his weaknesses that got him there. If the union bosses and the other left leaning power managers had not believe that they could use his ego and his vanity to control him, he would not be there!